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A photo of Trump giving a speech in 2020. | Photo from CNN

Trump and COVID-19 vaccines

Suraj Gangaram, Staff Writer March 27, 2021

America, we have a problem. A nationwide CNN poll has shown that up to 57% of Republican men are vaccine hesitant, more than any other group in America.  Trump’s advice to Americans on vaccines is,...

Reproductive rights under threat

Reproductive rights under threat

Oishee Misra October 27, 2020
Examining the declining access and restrictions to reproductive healthcare and instances of misogyny at MVHS
2020 Presidential Election integrity concerns

2020 Presidential Election integrity concerns

Neysa Singh October 27, 2020

here has been an increased number of mail-in ballots being sent as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequently, a rise of election security concerns. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed...

Clashing views on the climate crisis

Clashing views on the climate crisis

Ritu Atreyas October 27, 2020
Exploring‌ ‌how the upcoming election has environmental consequences
A 2020 Presidential ‌Election Playlist

A 2020 Presidential ‌Election Playlist

Ritu Atreyas October 27, 2020
9 songs to listen to while waiting for election results


Robert Liu October 27, 2020
Reviewing a wealth of perspectives will best inform us on what immigration issues are at stake
Electing Joe Biden does not offer much improvement for the Muslim-American community

Lesser of two evils: What the future looks like for Muslims after the presidential election

Iman Malik October 18, 2020
Breaking down Joe Biden’s agenda for Muslim-American communities
An Earth Day promise

An Earth Day promise

Stuti Upadhyay April 22, 2020
COVID-19 presents an opportunity to pursue climate action with renewed vigor
A Fremont High School teacher shares about her experiences growing up undocumented, the relief that DACA brought her and the work she does now supporting undocumented students at her school.

Keep the dream alive

Jai Uparkar and Swara Tewari February 11, 2020
Community members discuss the personal and legal implications of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) being rescinded
7,500 people gather to march from the San Jose City Hall to Arena Green for the fourth-annual San Jose Women’s March.

San Jose Women’s March takes place on Jan. 21

Swara Tewari and Tina Low January 28, 2020
Marchers share their views on politics and the power of mass protests

Impeachment for Dummies

Tina Low January 11, 2020

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry

Claire Yang and Jayanti Jha October 24, 2019
Exploring students’ opinions about the President’s ongoing impeachment inquiry
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