El Estoque

Officers of Japanese Club illustrate what ‘dango’ means in Japanese tradition

Asanuma spoons himself the shoyu (soy sauce) on his dango.

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor

October 8, 2019

The club serves sweet rice dumpling balls for its first food event

The crossroads of food and religion in the month of April

The typical

Flora Peng

April 23, 2019

Readily-available Easter renditions of adorable baby animals and the declining diets of students overwhelmed by approaching exams are not the only contributors to fluctuation in food consumption during April—some of the most widely observed holidays from a variety of religions also take place during...

Cherishing Christmas: Comparing holiday traditions now to those of previous years

Cherishing Christmas: Comparing holiday traditions now to those of previous years

Emily Xia

December 17, 2018

The change I've experienced in Christmas traditions over the years

French Honor Society: Expanding our Horizons

French Honor Society: Expanding our Horizons

Swara Tewari

April 12, 2018

Senior Anika Ramachandran, president of French Honor Society (FHS) is nearly done serving her term as the society’s president. Over the past couple years, the club has become very important to her and changed her perspective on the world. To her, FHS is a community for those who are passionate about ...

Rowing: A misunderstood sport

Rowing: A misunderstood sport

Aditya Dash

October 18, 2017

ophomore Revan Aponso wakes up at 4:15 A.M. every Friday morning, packs his gear and takes a shower before going to practice his favorite sport: rowing. With the sky covered in a blanket of darkness, he reaches the outskirts of Redwood City at 4:55 A.M. and gets the boat ready with his teammates for a ...

Custom made

Junior Rekha Nagarajan embraces her half-Japanese and half-Indian background and was raised to appreciate people for who they are. Photo by Varsha Venkat.

Daniel Fernandez

March 13, 2013

Junior Rekha Nagarajan shares her positive outlook on having a multicultural background. When most people see junior Rekha Nagarajan, they just see an Indian girl strolling around campus with her friends. However, those first impressions are wrong. Well, partially. Nagarajan is half-Indian and hal...

Is homecoming obsolete?

Is homecoming obsolete?

Rachel Lu

October 12, 2011

Every year, there’s Homecoming. Every year, varsity plays to the exhilaration and excitement of the Friday crowd that bears the chilly fall night just to see them win.  Every year, the expectations are set for each class in the Homecoming race. And every year there’s Homecoming Court. The t...