French Honor Society: Expanding our Horizons

Swara Tewari

Senior Anika Ramachandran, president of French Honor Society (FHS) is nearly done serving her term as the society’s president. Over the past couple years, the club has become very important to her and changed her perspective on the world. To her, FHS is a community for those who are passionate about the French language and want to expand their knowledge and understanding of the language and culture.

Ramachandran explains that it gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the French language outside of the classroom and have authentic conversations and interactions in French. FHS also allowed her to immerse herself in the culture. Her favorite experiences were the celebrations of French festivals, such as Mardi Gras, and the Fête du Fromage, or the cheese festival. To Ramachandran, the celebrations were always collaborative and engaging, with decorations, music, and potluck food.

However, Ramachandran’s favorite part of FHS were the friendships she made. To her, FHS is an opportunity to meet others who share her passion for French, which has challenged her to grow and improve.