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Swifts fame is often attributed to men, diminishing her value as a female artist.

Who made Taylor Swift famous?

Gauri Manoj and Mira Wagner March 13, 2021
How recent sexist comments about Taylor Swift demonstrate society’s normalization of misogyny
The album art for Juice WRLDs posthumous rap album Legends Never Die.

Summer 2020 music releases provide needed relief during COVID-19

Gauri Manoj September 13, 2020
Students discuss new releases and how COVID-19 has influenced the music industry
The folklore album cover features Taylor Swift standing alone in a forest, looking up at the trees.

A look into Taylor Swift’s unexpected album “folklore”

Shivani Verma August 22, 2020
Swift pulls off a new genre while staying true to her roots
Love, Taylor: A review of new album Lover

Love, Taylor: A review of new album “Lover”

Emily Xia September 10, 2019
Taylor Swift’s new album serves as a throwback for listeners
Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

Lakshanyaa Ganesh May 22, 2019

he rise of the 21st Century has brought in a generation that is more aware, sensitive and progressive in relation to issues that have been plaguing our country for years — more specifically, in support...

MUSIC: Oct. 2 album shootout

MUSIC: Oct. 2 album shootout

Yimeng Han October 3, 2012

Album shootout is a recurring feature where we review recently released songs and albums. This week we listened to tracks from Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Muse. Taylor Swift: Red (from “Red”) Taylor...

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