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Love, Taylor: A review of new album “Lover”

Love, Taylor: A review of new album

Emily Xia

September 10, 2019

Taylor Swift’s new album serves as a throwback for listeners

Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

Lakshanyaa Ganesh

May 22, 2019

he rise of the 21st Century has brought in a generation that is more aware, sensitive and progressive in relation to issues that have been plaguing our country for years — more specifically, in support of women’s rights and ways of empowerment. Women’s employment rates and college graduation r...

MUSIC: Oct. 2 album shootout

MUSIC: Oct. 2 album shootout

Yimeng Han

October 3, 2012

Album shootout is a recurring feature where we review recently released songs and albums. This week we listened to tracks from Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Muse. Taylor Swift: Red (from “Red”) Taylor Swift has never been a powerhouse vocalist, but that hasn’t stopped her from selling 22 mil...