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Zoom School: MVHS Edition

Zoom School: MVHS Edition

Ritu Atreyas, Nishat Kazi, Robert Liu, Abdullah Memon, Oishee Misra, Neysa Singh, and Leanna Sun

September 17, 2020

MVHS community devises ways around the challenges of distance learning

Teaching styles evolve during remote learning

Teaching styles evolve during remote learning

Neysa Singh and Ritu Atreyas

September 13, 2020

MVHS students and staff share about transitioning to Zoom school

Physical Education from home presents unique challenges

Akshat Debanth utilizes these dumbbells from home to stay fit.

Anika Sharma

September 13, 2020

Students examine the pros and cons of taking PE classes during remote learning

Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Hannah Lee

March 12, 2020

Updates on the impacts of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as coronavirus

Project Backpack: Sending supplies to students in Puerto Rico

Members of Project Backpack worked together to provide school supplies to schools in Puerto Rico

Iman Malik

November 24, 2019

Exploring how MVHS juniors provided aid to schools affected by Hurricane Maria

Bulletproof Backpacks: A safety measure versus capital product

Pullquote and Featured

Rachel Jiang and Aditi Dixit

October 24, 2019

Exploring MVHS opinions about whether or not these precautions for gun violence are beneficial

Imposter Syndrome: Exploring the Nuances

Imposter Syndrome: Exploring the Nuances

Lakshanyaa Ganesh, Oishee Misra, Emily Xia, and Neysa Singh

October 16, 2019

You're a fraud. You're a fake, an imposter, undeserving of the accomplishments you have. We all have this voice in our head. The one that convinces us that our accomplishments never measure up to what we actually deserve. Especially at MVHS, this phenomenon of people feeling inadequate amidst their ac...

Growing pains

Growing pains

Sreya Kumar

October 6, 2019

The downfalls of growing up in the Singaporean education system

Taking over the senior legacy

Taking over the senior legacy

Stuti Upadhyay

September 18, 2019

Using the lessons I learned from graduated seniors to be a better mentor to underclassmen

The things school taught me

Neysa Singh works on her math homework. Photo by Lakshanyaa Ganesh

Neysa Singh

September 18, 2019

Discovering that school has taught me valuable skills for the future

Do I feel good?: School spirit isn’t overrated

How I finally figured out why school spirit is so important

Emily Xia

September 11, 2019

How I discovered that school spirit wasn't lame

Returning to the disco

Returning to the disco

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

August 26, 2019

The Welcome Back Dance draws in students and local businesses