El Estoque

Robert D. Hart Learning Center at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA

The case for a non-traditional college path

Abdullah Memon May 18, 2021
Why seniors should consider alternative paths to higher education
The exterior of the MVHS campus

Returning To Campus

Anika Sharma April 7, 2021
Analyzing the impacts of adopting a hybrid, in-person instructional model
A year of strange time

A year of strange time

Justin Kim March 23, 2021
Reflecting on COVID-19’s effects on my family members’ perception of time
Another message from an ASB candidate for a vote

ASB candidates, please stop DMing us

Lance Tong March 17, 2021
Why campaigns DMing people individually is disingenuous
A bookshelf parallel between the library and my bedroom | Photo by Justin Kim

Ode to libraries

Justin Kim March 8, 2021
How my book-filled room has helped me reminisce about the library environment
Photo by Claire Yang | Used with permission

Diminished club attendance during the distance learning school year

Justin E Kim and Abdullah Memon February 10, 2021
Taking a look at how various clubs have become inactive during the pandemic
A close up shot of a

Acknowledging Cultural Celebrations

Abdullah Memon, Aditya Shukla, and Justin E Kim December 5, 2020
The MVHS administration’s stance on cultural awareness and reducing workload for traditionally celebrated holidays

Student skincare routines

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer December 3, 2020
Students discuss their various approaches to skincare
MVHS YouTubers during shelter-in-place

MVHS YouTubers during shelter-in-place

Jasmine Lee, Staff writer May 20, 2020

With the start of remote learning, many MVHS students have used their extra time at home  creatively. Some are learning new instruments such as the ukulele and guitar, while others are dedicating time...

Offensive Coordinator Cody Owens watches players on the field.

Football coach Cody Owens takes position as Athletic Director at Homestead HS

Hannah Lee May 1, 2020
Owens will no longer coach MVHS football as he takes on his new role
Color Guard during quarantine

Color Guard during quarantine

Jasmine Lee April 2, 2020

Freshman Naomi Baba never knew that March 9 was going to be the last time that she  practiced with her teammates for this school year.  The release of the FUHSD’s remote learning order caused many...

Used with permission from pexels

Dear seniors

Jasmine Lee and Sreya Kumar April 1, 2020

It’s OK to be upset right now. The CA state governor Gavin Newsom formally announced on March 17 that schools are highly likely to be closed for the rest of the school year, jeopardizing academics...

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