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Addressing climate change

Addressing climate change

Examining the approach to climate change on four different levels
Graphic by Justin Kim

Bringing out the child in everyone

Justin E Kim October 29, 2021
Reflecting on how pointless the socially perceived age cut-off of Halloween is
Members of the Color Guard pose for a photo before their performance in the first football game of the season.

Color Guard transitions to in-person practices

Nameek Chowdhury and Jisha Rajala September 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge obstacle for the MVHS Color Guard team, with social distancing protocols forcing the team’s regular practices to transition online. Now that in-person practices are allowed,...

Junior Aria Agarwal takes a nap on the floor during lunch break after getting 5 hours of sleep the night before.

“I only got 4 hours of sleep”

Jiya Singh September 18, 2021

“I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.”  Beginning first period with the discussion of late bedtimes and exhaustion is just another typical morning conversation starter for many MVHS students....

Freshman Ishi Chopra holds a Tigers Eye crystal which represents courage. Photo by Taryn Lam | El Estoque

A guide to crystals

Taryn Lam, Staff Writer September 18, 2021
How MVHS students use crystals in their daily lives
Sophomore Gracie Lee leads Class of 2024 girls dance practices. Photo Illustration by Gauri Manoj

The Class of 2024: Pushing past COVID-19

Justin E Kim and Priscilla Cho September 17, 2021
Sophomores aim to overcome their inexperience and make their first Homecoming memorable
The Class of 2022 wins the 15 second chant-off at the Welcome Back Rally. Photo by Aditya Shukla

MVHS hosts its first rally of the year

Justin E Kim, Gauri Manoj, Aditya Shukla, and Shivani Verma September 4, 2021
The Class of 2022 wins the annual Welcome Back Rally
Robert D. Hart Learning Center at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA

The case for a non-traditional college path

Abdullah Memon May 18, 2021
Why seniors should consider alternative paths to higher education
The exterior of the MVHS campus

Returning To Campus

Anika Sharma April 7, 2021
Analyzing the impacts of adopting a hybrid, in-person instructional model
A year of strange time

A year of strange time

Justin Kim March 23, 2021
Reflecting on COVID-19’s effects on my family members’ perception of time
Another message from an ASB candidate for a vote

ASB candidates, please stop DMing us

Lance Tong March 17, 2021
Why campaigns DMing people individually is disingenuous
Ode to libraries

Ode to libraries

Justin E Kim March 8, 2021
How my book-filled room has helped me reminisce about the library environment
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