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Giving back: Key Club’s Christmas carol

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Pan presents a slideshow in preparation for an annual Christmas Caroling event.

Tina Low

December 25, 2019

During the first week of December, members of Homestead HS’s Key Club went around local neighborhoods to distribute bags that offered the opportunity for residents to donate canned food. On Saturday, Dec. 14, members of Division 34 South, which includes Key Clubs from other high schools like MVHS, g...

Behind the not-so-secret Secret Santa gift exchanges

Behind the not-so-secret Secret Santa gift exchanges

Fatima Ali

December 11, 2015

n the midst of a grueling marathon of studying for finals, some friend groups have decided to launch a Secret Santa campaign in an effort to raise morale and de-stress. No matter how inexpensive or austere the gifts may be, these friends still cherish their holiday tradition and take heart in the ge...

Campus Question: What happened to the Candy Cane grams?

Students wrote thoughtful messages on the brightly colored cards provided for them in the rally court. The cards were dropped off into a box where they would be distributed later in the week. Photo by Jennie Chen.

Jennie Chen

December 9, 2015

Update: Previously it was mentioned that candy cane grams were purchased. They were offered for free by leadership. During Holiday Week students gathered in the academic court on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2 to write and send candy grams to their friends. The Candy Cane grams were scheduled to be delivered on Dec. ...

Polaroids with Santa get students into holiday spirit

Polaroids with Santa get students into holiday spirit

Andrea Schlitt

December 3, 2015

tudents’ excited responses to the long needed sound of rain on a Thursday afternoon were met with equally excited chatter and smiles at ASB president senior Peter Kim dressed up in a Santa suit, standing in front of a Christmas tree. “Santa is Korean!” Kim said as students broke out into laug...

Community service: MV Leo Club collaborates with De Anza Lions to hold food drive

Athira Penghat

December 4, 2013

At around noon, an old lady walked out of the Lucky’s in Saratoga on Nov. 24 with a cart of groceries. Instead of heading home, she stopped by the De Anza Lions food drive and donated several canned vegetables and a fat turkey. When asked why she donated, she replied, “I was once a person on the...

8 types of media students are thankful for

Neesha Venkatesan

November 27, 2013

Students share what entertainment they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Read More »...

All yule need for the holidays

All yule need for the holidays

Yashashree Pisolkar

December 17, 2012

The lead up to the the holidays may seem premature. The tree lighting ceremonies at the Quinlan Community Center and the annual Christmas carols at the Cupertino Library happen almost an entire month before Christmas bells start ringing. Even then, the early lights and carols have become tradition...

Significance of Veterans Day undermined by day off

Despite risking their lives, soldiers don’t get the respect they deserve. Resuming our daily lives on Veterans Day would return value to the holiday.

Nathan Desai

November 12, 2012

It takes a very special person to serve in the military. A person has to have a lot of courage to leave their loved ones to fight a war in a different country, knowing they may not make it out alive. So it is deserving that we honor those who have served in the military on November 11 each year, on...

A new tradition: Winter wonderland

RALLY COURT From Dec. 5 to 9, Bull Spirit will be decorating the Rally Court with ballons, ribbons, and a festive holiday bush. Lunchtime activities include decorating cookies, writing letters to soldiers, and participating in a gingerbread house coin toss fundraiser.

Albert Qiu

November 29, 2011

Students may have been shocked when they saw the campus this week. Normally barren save for a few coats of old paint, the halls are now lined with festive wreaths and bows. Meanwhile, a 13-foot-tall holiday bush and a wooden gingerbread house sit idly in the rally court. The transformation is comple...