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Graphic by Justin Kim

‘Tis the season for…’

Delving deeper into this year's winter highlights and memories
There are both benefits and detriments to the practice of gift exchange.

Gifting during the holiday season

Anushka De and Aashi Venkat December 10, 2021
Discussing the positives and negatives of traditional gift giving

Roti and paneer

December 10, 2021

he classic Indian platter of plain or buttered roti with a touch of ghee and saag paneer is what senior Shalini Krish finds to be her two favorite winter consumables. Despite their non-Christian...

Hot pot

December 10, 2021

amb. Pork. Beef. Fishcakes. Tofu. Meatballs. Sausages. Vermicelli. These components are all options in senior Edgar Tsai’s favorite winter food, hot pot, and he has relished the variety of taste...

Sugar cookies

December 10, 2021

hough sugar cookies are a common dessert, freshman Madeleine Ischo enjoys them during the holidays largely because of the elation of interacting with close family while decorating the cookies. “[Sugar...

Chicken noodle soup

December 10, 2021

rom his time living in Colorado and Pittsburgh to now in California, senior Joseph Jeong’s go-to winter food has always been his mother’s Korean-style chicken noodle soup. His earliest memories...

Graphic by Justin Kim

Seasonal consumables to try

Justin E Kim December 10, 2021
Students share their favorite holiday dishes
An accompanist plays chords on an electric piano while his partner sings “Blackbird” by the Beatles outside of the Le Boulanger Bakery on Main Street in Los Altos

Holiday-themed events invoke community and festive cheer

Anushka De and Gauri Manoj December 8, 2021
Reviewing different winter events in the Bay Area
Revisiting the holidays

Revisiting the holidays

Sophia Ma and Aashi Venkat December 7, 2021
Students and staff share their most memorable moments from the holiday season
Spanish teacher Molly Guadiamos daughters and family dog on the eighth, and final, night of Hanukkah.

Students and staff celebrate Hanukkah

Krish Dev, Website Editor December 6, 2021

Hanukkah is annually celebrated around the beginning of December or November, fluctuating because of the Hebrew lunar calendar. A central part of Hanukkah is the food — frying foods in oil is especially...

Christmas movie recommendations for the 2020 holiday season

Christmas movie recommendations for the 2020 holiday season

Shivani Madhan November 26, 2020
Modern and classic Christmas films to watch this winter
A group of kids drink their steaming hot chocolate next to the decorated trees around the Quinlan Center.

Spruce it up: Cupertino Tree Lighting Ceremony

Jai Uparkar and Swara Tewari January 11, 2020
Cupertino community gathers for the annual tree lighting ceremony
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