El Estoque

Freshman Jennifer Long and her mother Catherine visit a water park in China when Long was three years old.

Appreciating Mom

Shivani Madhan and Claire Wen May 9, 2021
Students reminisce about memories with their mothers
Used with Permission// Viha Srinivas

Senior Bucket List

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer April 2, 2021

March 13, 2020 proved to be a difficult day for the entire world, but for then junior Aditi Singh, it was an opportunity waiting to be seized. She began writing down a list of things she would set out...

A year of bonding

A year of bonding

Mira Wagner, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

The beginning of quarantine that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic proved relaxing for physics teacher Michael Lordan. The extra time at home and alleviated stress from work allowed him and his wife,...

Learning to listen

Learning to listen

Leanna Sun March 13, 2021
Navigating the reality of having differing views from family

A COVID celebration

Mikaylah Du, staff writer December 5, 2020
Exploring what MVHS students and their families did for Thanksgiving
Zoom school replaces in-person learning during pandemic

Zoom school replaces in-person learning during pandemic

Examining various perspectives about instruction through a screen
From left to right, Sriranjani, Vidhya and Venkatesan pose for a photo. Photo by Sriranjani Kalimani // Used with permission

Family bonding during shelter-in-place

Iman Malik September 12, 2020
Exploring how quarantine brought a family closer together
Family together: exploring the lives of students and teachers in single parent families

Family together: exploring the lives of students and teachers in single parent families

Iman Malik and Brian Xu January 10, 2020

Most students of the MVHS community are accustomed to seeing two parents when they come home from school every day. But this experience is not one that is shared by all. According to a survey of 350 MVHS...

Lessons From Around the World

Lessons From Around the World

Exploring the differences in policies and systems between the U.S. and foreign countries

Positivity Podcast Ep. 3: Thanksgiving Edition

Oishee Misra and Lakshanyaa Ganesh November 23, 2019
Displaying appreciation during the season of giving thanks
Prospective MV Bhangra members attend workshops in order to learn and perfect a short routine. Prior dance experience was not required in order to attend, since they were taught the basics.

MV Bhangra: From missing advisor to new team

October 12, 2019
MV Bhangra changes advisors and conducts tryouts to start off the 2019-20 season
Visual for Stamp Column

I am always a piece away

Rachel Jiang September 11, 2019
Exploring how stamps have inspired me to do things that define me right now
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