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The importance of community

The importance of community

Neysa Singh May 26, 2020

cross the country, grocery store shelves are left empty — there are toilet paper shortages, no hand sanitizer available, and no face masks. The New York Times reports that there is currently no lack...

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More Cupertino residents start using NextDoor

Rachel Jiang April 2, 2020
Exploring how the city stays connected and updated through a social-networking app
The faces behind COVID-19

The faces behind COVID-19

Exploring the stories of members of the MVHS community impacted by the novel coronavirus
Maintaining a local community

Maintaining a local community

Swara Tewari and Emily Xia January 10, 2020
The implications of urbanization on both chain and family businesses in Cupertino
Demolition begins at Vallco Mall called Demolition Day || From Mercury News

Opposition to the Vallco Plan

Anushka De and Devin Gupta January 10, 2020
Sand Hill Property reinitiates construction in Vallco Shopping Mall after passing of State Bill 35
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In-game impulse: Students and teachers disclose their opinions on toxic gaming

Jefferson Le and Annie Zhang December 20, 2019
Investigating the toxicity and banter in online gaming communities
Lessons From Around the World

Lessons From Around the World

Exploring the differences in policies and systems between the U.S. and foreign countries

The US versus Africa: Toxic Individualism

Lakshanyaa Ganesh December 13, 2019

ords, the corporate ladder, and individualism are cornerstones of the American experience. Our culture is one defined by self-driven success, where relying on a network or community is only used for individual...

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Lone Ranger: A factor for depression

Rachel Jiang November 5, 2019
Investigating the connection between mental illness and individualism promoted by our community
Patrick Wyman informs a customer about the We Love Local event and how to receive a free bag.

Whole Foods Cupertino hosts We Love Local Event

Jai Uparkar and Tina Low October 14, 2019
Learn about the local food businesses showcased at the event
In order to raise public awareness and pro-activeness towards diabetes, bikers from around Cupertino came to bike and donate to the fund. Photo by Alyssa Umino

Cycling fundraiser: Ride4Diabetes

Sarah Young, Alyssa Umino, and Annie Zhang September 16, 2019
Annual biking event supports diabetes advocacy on Sept. 8
Stored Culture: Local businesses give insight to their experiences and hardships

Stored Culture: Local businesses give insight to their experiences and hardships

Sarah Young and Andrea Perng May 23, 2019
Local businesses give insight to their experiences in Cupertino
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