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Club officers from the Photo Club, The Art of investing Club, and MV Bookshelf.

Optimism amongst small clubs

February 10, 2021
How smaller clubs have managed to stay afloat during a distance learning school year
On Nov. 19, students and parents gathered in the auditorium to watch the movie

PTSA: Adult outlooks on teenage mental health

Michelle Chen December 3, 2019
Comprehending parent and expert strategies for and opinions on the topic of teenage stress
Textisms act as communication cues

Textisms act as communication cues

Charlotte Chui November 20, 2019
The language of text messages acts as communication cues
Konanoor smiles while taking a photo with her family in India. Photo used with permission from Siri Konanoor.

Communication culture

Jacqueleine Liu October 25, 2019
Exploring the effect that language has on relationships
Girls water polo: Team wins against Milpitas HS 13-2

Girls water polo: Team wins against Milpitas HS 13-2

Aanchal Garg September 26, 2017

n Tuesday Sept. 19, the MVHS girls water polo team shouted their customary ‘1-2-3 Lady Mats!’ cheer, creating an echo that rang around the pool. MVHS played against Milpitas HS in the team’s second...

FUHSD Board of Trustees President Hung Wei, a parent of MVHS alumni and Verdadera adviser, believes that lack of communication is a prevalent problem within many families. She strongly emphasizes the importance of family time. When her three children attended MVHS, they were constantly busy; the family was rarely able to sit down for dinner together. Instead, Wei left the meal on the table so her children could microwave the food at their convenience. Photo illustration by Sara Yang.

Breakdown of parent-child communication

Akshay Agrawal March 12, 2012

This content item relates to “A broken childhood,” which appeared in the March 12 issue of the El Estoque print magazine. Her mother knew how frustrated she was — with the academic stress, the...

Know it now: Communication, dances and graduation

Know it now: Communication, dances and graduation

Akshay Agrawal December 9, 2011

After soliciting questions concerning change at MVHS from readers, El Estoque sought answers from Dean of Students Michael Hicks and 2012 class officers. In the following videos, Hicks speaks to student-administration...

Google is feeling lucky

Google is feeling lucky

Karishma Mehrotra January 14, 2010

Teenagers have a growing addiction: Google     It began as just a clever "I'm feeling lucky button" but it turned into an international icon of... everything. Literally,...

Silence is golden

Silence is golden

Aafreen Mahmood November 3, 2009

Words don't always speak for themselves Ever since I watched "Dr. Doolittle", I have wished that I could talk to dogs. But unfortunately, whenever I asked Milo to talk to me, he just stared back at...

Pop, lock, let's talk

Pop, lock, let’s talk

Aafreen Mahmood September 18, 2009

Sex gets everyone's attention. See? Under normal conditions, the Martian is a completely unfathomable beast. This hasn't been the case for a few weeks now as Venusians have united with their masculine...

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