El Estoque

The cover features a hand reaching out towards a bright pink poison vial | Photo Courtesy Warner Bros Music

‘pretty poison’ is an absolute masterpiece

Irene Tang and Abdullah Memon September 12, 2021
Nessa Barrett releases chilling first EP
Illustration of a girl crying  while on the phone | By Sophia Ma

Let’s stop normalizing and minimizing the impact of eating disorders

Melody Cui March 5, 2021
Examining social media’s detrimental portrayal of eating disorders
Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok face U.S. ban threats

Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok face U.S. ban threats

Jefferson Le January 10, 2021
Exploring MVHS community’s opinion on the future of the social apps in America
Senior Winter Bloom posts a video on TikTok and adds text to make her content more relatable. Photo by Winter Bloom | Used with Permission

TikTok trends

Gauri Manoj September 25, 2020
Students discuss the latest trends on the popular social media app
Senior Catherine Vo posted fan art of mxmtoon in the strawberry dress on @cadphy, her Instagram account.

Strawberries À La Mode

Shivani Verma September 25, 2020

Pale, blush pink fabric. Delicately puffed sleeves and soft frills. A long skirt made up of layers of airy tulle. And most eye-catching of all — glittering ruby strawberries looking almost delectable...

The Bill Clinton album ranking trend sees participants fill out this template of the former president holding up a record sleeve with their favorite albums.
Photo Courtesy of billclintonswag.com

Social media trends during shelter-in-place

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer June 3, 2020
Exploring the opinions of different MVHS student about social media usage during quarantine
TikTok is a segue for internalized racism

TikTok is a segue for internalized racism

Leanna Sun June 1, 2020
Why we need to start working towards self-respect for our heritage and culture
Park customized this shoe for a friend and is his favorite design of all the shoes we has painted.  “I think it's my favorite not because it looks good necessarily,” Park said. “I really enjoyed the process because I took a big break from customizing shoes, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. So then I just kind of got re-inspired when she asked me to paint her shoes.”

Customization Craze: Students turn everyday accessories into a form of self-expression

Jai Uparkar May 27, 2020
MVHS students share the stories behind their painted shoes and water bottles
Brief history of dalgona coffee

Brief history of dalgona coffee

Zara Iqbal, Staff writer May 2, 2020
A timeline on how the beverage became popular across the world
TikTok users create videos about COVID-19

TikTok users create videos about COVID-19

Hannah Lee April 2, 2020
Influencers discuss the prevalence of coronavirus videos on the popular platform
TikTok user Haley Sharpe performs her choreography to Doja Cat's

TikTok deserves the hype it gets

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor March 1, 2020
While teens on TikTok may be seen as “cringey,” they’re actually incredibly creative
Beyond the meme: “Ok, Boomer”

Beyond the meme: “Ok, Boomer”

Sreya Kumar November 19, 2019
Highlighting the constant undermining of our generation by Baby Boomers and the harmful consequences
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