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Girls Basketball: MVHS falls to Mountain View HS after struggling to maintain possessions

Senior Ashley Liu dribbles past a Mountain View HS defender.

Jai Uparkar

January 18, 2020

Lack of steady possession and inability to convert leads to eighth loss of the season with a final score of 31-52

Skipping into Retirement

Skipping into Retirement

Jai Uparkar

May 22, 2019

here were two things math teacher Skip Mueller never wanted to become: a salesman or a teacher. He ended up working in sales engineering for 17 years after graduating from college with a civil engineering degree, which was dependent on the local economy. Soon after semiconductor companies moved away, Muel...

The custodial parade

The custodial parade

Jai Uparkar

May 6, 2019

The custodian carts, adorned with bananas, mini flags and Mario Kart symbols and characters, whizzed past the rally court at a cool two miles per hour during lunch on May 1. The parade was organized by the Matador Recognition Committee (MRC) which conceived of this idea at the beginning of the school...

Boys volleyball: MVHS defeats Cupertino HS 3-0

Junior Charlie Yi prepares to spike the ball against CHS. The Matadors won their 22nd game in a row.

Kamyar Moradi and Stuti Upadhyay

April 25, 2019

It was Friday before break as the MVHS boys volleyball team faced off against CHS. Parents and fellow students lined the bleachers as the confident Matadors team prepared to face their division rival, the CHS Pioneers. Although MVHS was facing a team with a sub .500 record in their league, it was ...

Korean Club: Crossing over into new zones

Photo by Claire Yang

Claire Yang

October 26, 2018

Monta Vista and Cupertino High School’s Korean Clubs collaborate to host an interdistrict event

Supporting the staff

Photo Illustration // Oishee Misra

Brian Xu

October 24, 2018

The turning point of now history teacher Scott Victorine’s first career occurred as he was eating lunch at his former law firm. As a paralegal in immigration law, Victorine was overwhelmed with stress. He sat staring at his lunchbox one hectic day and he decided he needed to find another career path. ...

Looking back: 3 MVHS reflect on their HS experience

Looking back: 3 MVHS reflect on their HS experience

Stuti Upadhyay

September 28, 2018

Three MVHS alumni reflect on their high school experience, how it has affected their lives and what they wished they had done differently