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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Some students feel as though indie music better encapsulates their emotional states and resonates with them more strongly. Illustration by Lillian Wang and Isabelle Kok

The indie in-between

Jillian Ju May 24, 2024

When they were younger, English teacher Mark Carpenter spent a lot of time thumbing through secondhand records and CDs in record stores around Los Angeles and Long Beach. Unlike the modern streaming age,...

Last one, fast one

Last one, fast one

Aletheia Ju and Lillian Wang October 8, 2023
Behind the scenes of the Class of 2024’s Homecoming skit
According to a survey of 173 students, 28.9% of MVHS students follow teachers on social media.

Going private

Lauren Chuu and Lillian Wang October 5, 2022
Exploring how teachers and students view their privacy on social media
 Third grader Mark Carpenter dresses up as a pirate for Halloween, and explains that they will always be a pirate at heart

Staff stories: Always a pirate at heart

Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat September 30, 2022
Mark Carpenter shares life-defining tales of ignorance, curiosity and gratitude
Honor American Literature students ask questions in Carpenters Discord server Carpenter Official

Mark Carpenter uses Discord to communicate with students

Minjae Kang December 8, 2021
Looking into the effectiveness of Discord as a communication platform between students and teachers
English teacher Jireh Tanabe enjoys Night by Elie Wiesel because of its lessons of empathy.

Students and teachers share their literature class favorites

Gauri Manoj and Mira Wagner August 29, 2021
From timeless classics to contemporary reads, the MVHS curriculum provides something for everyone
50 Questions with Mark Carpenter

50 Questions with Mark Carpenter

Krish Dev, Web Editor May 8, 2021

Inspired by Vogue’s video series “73 Questions,” El Estoque sits down with English teacher Mark Carpenter to ask him 50 questions. Carpenter shares his fondest memory of high school, what he would...

Sophomore Brooke Frei sits in front of her trans pride flag.

Coming out

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer October 11, 2020
Exploring what it means to express oneself
Featured Photo

English teacher Mark Carpenter opens a Curious Cat account

Rachel Jiang March 22, 2020
Investigating one teacher’s approach to connecting with their students during the shelter-in-place order
Peeling back the layers: American Born Chinese replaces The Scarlet Letter

Peeling back the layers: American Born Chinese replaces The Scarlet Letter

Jefferson Le and Iman Malik January 31, 2020
Examining how the minority experience is taught by white HAmLit teachers

Year in Review: Reflection on MV Saturday Night Live

Catherine May 24, 2014

Drama students look back on their changes since their first performance this year in MVSNL. Every year in the Drama department, each student starts off in the largest school-integrated production,...

Most of the TA duties listed in the FUHSD student assistance policy sheet are clerical tasks like answering the telephone and delivering messages; anything that involves viewing another student’s record is forbidden. However, despite the rules, most teachers allow their TAs to grade papers. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Administration reinforces ‘no grading by teacher assistants’ policy

Shuyi Qi December 4, 2013
After TA discusses student’s grade, administration addresses the controversy regarding TA’s duties.
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