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El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Senior Samhita Kashyap transferred to MVHS her sophomore year after deliberating between multiple bay area high schools, convinced by its reputation of strong academics.

New kid syndrome

Jami Lim and Stella Petzova February 2, 2024

It was a sunny August morning when senior Samhita Kashyap, then a sophomore, first stepped foot into MVHS after moving from Weston, Florida. Finding herself lost in navigating the unfamiliar campus and...

With many students not getting the recommended hours of sleep needed, some resort to falling asleep in class to make up for lost sleep.

School daze

Kaia Yuan January 26, 2024

Sitting in the back of her seventh-period Spanish class, junior Sravya Mikkilineni feels the familiar signs again — droopy, heavy eyes and no focus — before she falls asleep in class. Mikkilineni says...

Monta Vistas library is an example of one of the many resources where a student can receive information on sex education.

Examining sex education

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Trisha Sannappanavar December 5, 2023

The student source in this story is anonymous due to privacy concerns and will be referred to as Student A. As their curiosity built up, Student A couldn’t help but ask more questions regarding sexual...

The FUHSD Board of Trustees holds a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Balanced voices

Jason Chu, Lauren Chuu, and Stella Petzova September 28, 2023

The FUHSD Board of Trustees passed a resolution to “transition Governing Board elections from At-Large Elections to By-Trustee Area Elections” on March 7, 2023, basing elections on trustee areas instead...

CAL Fires department utilizes its Grant Ranch Vegetation Management Project (VMP) for vegetation management and mitigation. Photo courtesy of Kara Capaldo | Used with Permission

Through the haze and the flames

Jason Chu and Shannon Yu September 24, 2023

Several devastating wildfires unfolded in Maui, Hawaii on Aug. 8, burning thousands of acres and leaving at least 97 dead. In a lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric, Maui County officials attributed the tragedy...

Senior Nikhita Saldi drives her Tesla into school.

Power Up

Mira Wagner and Mihir Vishwarupe October 7, 2022
Examining the 2035 California Gas Ban
Teachers take on new positions

Teachers take on new positions

Alongside a group of fellow AP teachers, Biology teacher Lora Lerner spent four days of her summer at AP Summer Institute gaining familiarity with curriculum and labs as she prepared to trade in one session...

Leftover lunch is scattered in front of the Library. Littering has consequences on the MVHS community

Not throwing away our trash

Melody Cui April 27, 2022
Explaining the consequences of littering at MVHS
Rats have been found in and around the pipes that line walls and ceilings of classrooms.

MVHS faces rat infestation

Krish Dev, Tanish Mendki, and Aashi Venkat April 26, 2022

Just before February break, English teacher Derek Lu noticed a narrow hole in the ceiling of his classroom. Upon further inspection, Lu learned that the hole was caused by rats that were digging for food....

A student and teacher engaging in conversation | Graphic by Angela Zhang

The importance of direct communication in a school setting

Shivani Madhan and Kripa Mayureshwar March 18, 2022
How students navigate engaging in conversations with their teachers
The main parking lot and outside of Monta Vista High School.

Grade distribution analysis from the first progress report

Melody Cui and Krish Dev November 14, 2021

The first grading period of the school year ended on Sept. 21, with a total of 263 D and 239 F grades. There were more failing grades this year compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, but data obtained...

Yes, she can.

Yes, she can.

Exploring different facets of feminism and how they impact students, staff and alumni
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