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Out of the red: California passes a temporary law removing menstrual product sales tax

As of January 2020, California's pad and tampon tax has been removed.

Emily Xia

February 11, 2020

MVHS Girls Empowerment Club members and a biology teacher react to the politicization of products for men and women

Beyond the binary

Beyond the binary

Shuvi Jha, Karen Sanchez, and Elizabeth Han

May 26, 2018

Sex ed: the impact of sexual education

Photoillustration by Claire Yang

Claire Yang and Nate Stevens

May 23, 2018

Changes in elementary and middle school sexual education spark discussion

The diverging of paths: individuals discuss life without children

History teacher Bonnie Belshe chats with her students

Emily Xia

November 15, 2017

Students and teachers explain why they prefer not to have children

Biotech Club conducts first large-scale experiment

Club president junior Kasie Wong teaches member junior Paul Xu how to use lab equipments safely on March 23. The experiment, beginning on March 16 and ending March 28, involved bacterial resistance to triclosan.  Photo by Howard Lee.

Howard Lee

March 30, 2012

The smell of burning gas fills room B104. No one is panicking, though — it’s just an experiment the Biotech Club is conducting. Although the club has conducted experiments in the past — including a glowing flowers lab — this particular experiment, involving bacterial resistance to triclosan...