El Estoque



Delving into the nuances of reconnection
Illustration of a woman wearing a saree, a traditional Indian outfit

Beginning with Bollywood

Kripa Mayureshwar September 25, 2021
Reconnecting with my culture through Bollywood music
MVHS players huddle together following a play

Football falls to Lowell High School 53-14

Lance Tong and Kripa Mayureshwar September 22, 2021
MVHS falls to Lowell High School in its third home game of the season
A graphic of a whale shark, a type of shark that is native to Cancun and completely harmless to humans

Living a lie

Kripa Mayureshwar September 21, 2021
Examining the reasons why I used to lie about everything
An illustration of the Instagram logo with 17 notifications that represent unread messages

The empath’s dilemma

Kripa Mayureshwar May 15, 2021
Exploring my struggle with picking up on other people’s emotions
An oil painting of oranges done by MVHS alumnus Brett Park

Art after high school

Kripa Mayureshwar April 4, 2021
The stigma against pursuing non-STEM related paths after high school
Its been a year now?

It’s been a year now?

Kripa Mayureshwar and Lance Tong April 4, 2021
Students reflect on COVID-19 a year after school closure
An illustration of the pink Power Ranger from the childrens television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“Not like other girls”

Kripa Mayureshwar March 28, 2021
Coming to terms with my own internalized misogyny
Reasons why students might not keep up with the news and why they should

The apathetic student response

Kripa Mayureshwar March 12, 2021
Reasons why students might not keep up with the news and why they should
Envisioning the new normal

Envisioning the “new normal”

Kripa Mayureshwar February 11, 2021
Why the prospect of our lives going back to normal is terrifying
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