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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Media has evolved throughout time, changing in ways such as  its purpose or interface


Examining how arts and entertainment have changed through the years
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Jiya Singh March 2, 2023
How vlogging brought me closer to myself
Im Going Viral!

I’m Going Viral!

Jiya Singh March 1, 2023
Understanding TikTok’s effect on music and media’s popularity
Sophomore Stanley Du lays up the ball past a defender.

Photo by Manas Kottakota

Boys Basketball defeats Basis Independent Silicon Valley 71-46

Manas Kottakota, Jason Chu, and Jiya Singh February 6, 2023
Matadors outclass BHS in a must win game
Many concerts include pits, areas where attendees can stand close to the stage and experience their favorite artists up close.

In the pit

Jiya Singh December 23, 2022
Amplifying the stories of the MVHS community at concerts
An inside scoop: Broadway star Derek Klena is currently ranked 5th on my list.

The 101 loves of my life

Jiya Singh December 21, 2022
Revealing the reasons behind my long list of celebrity men
From farm to table

From farm to table

Exploring the processes and people behind the food we eat at MVHS
Sophmore Haneen Moharram with her hijab

It’s just a choice

Samika Bhatkar and Jiya Singh November 17, 2022

Religious head coverings are common in many religions, like turbans in Sikhism, kapps for the Amish and tichels in Judaism. In Islam, hijabs, which cover the neck and head are one of several headcoverings...

Lisa Smith shows off the multiple stick-and-poke tattoos she did on herself the summer before freshman year, including X’s across her knuckles and a skull.

Forever Inked

Dahlia Schilling and Jiya Singh November 10, 2022

Dragons and flowers are among the most common tattoo designs in the United States. They’re also a few of the many tattoos that English teacher Jessica Kaufman has. Although California law prevents...

Cafeteria Crackdown

El Estoque’s Arts & Entertainment section assesses school lunches
The Midnights album cover features Taylor Swift clicking a lighter, with the flame to her face

Taylor Swift flawlessly returns to pop with “Midnights”

Jiya Singh and Aashi Venkat October 26, 2022
“Midnights” manages to both complement and diversify the singer-songwriter’s discography
Targeted advertisements tend to pop up on social media platforms such as Instagram, and typically advertise products the user has shown prior interest in.

Ad 2 Cart

Understanding thoughts behind fashion and social media advertising
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