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Realty changes in Cupertino

Realty changes in Cupertino

Andie Liu January 10, 2020
Evolution of the nature of Silicon Valley housing
Demolition begins at Vallco Mall called Demolition Day || From Mercury News

Opposition to the Vallco Plan

Anushka De and Devin Gupta January 10, 2020
Sand Hill Property reinitiates construction in Vallco Shopping Mall after passing of State Bill 35
Urbanization of Cupertino

Urbanization of Cupertino

Anushka De, Devin Gupta, Andie Liu, Swara Tewari, and Emily Xia January 10, 2020

In a constant state of change, Cupertino has experienced drastic changes in terms of infrastructure and business from the influx of both workers and residents. Vallco construction has recently been reinitiated...

Beyond the district

Beyond the district

How the senior privilege policy affects those who utilize it
The graduating class of 2020 stands in line during Running of the Bulls. Photo Credit | Lakshanyaa Ganesh

FUHSD projections predict lower enrollment in coming years

Oishee Misra and Lakshanyaa Ganesh August 22, 2019
MVHS population of 2019-20 is smaller than previous years
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