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Outside of their element: MVHS faculty commuting to school

Cars commute towards their work.

Leanna Sun and Shivani Gupta

November 24, 2019

Exploring methods of transportation that MVHS faculty use to get to school and what they listen to while doing so

Back from Mount Vernon

Back from Mount Vernon

Jasmine Lee

January 29, 2019

On Dec. 11, 2018, social studies department lead Bonnie Belshe successfully published a five-part lesson plan on the George Washington’s Mount Vernon website after a year of research and months of editing. During her stay at Mount Vernon, Belshe and a total of eight other teacher fellows lived in a house ...

Finding the new in the old

Finding the new in the old

Anish Vasudevan and Ankit Gupta

September 27, 2018

At MVHS, history is a subject that often gets overlooked as students tend to focus more on STEM related subjects. However, the History, Economics, and Politics club (HEP) attempts to put this stigma to rest by celebrating history every Friday during lunch. Club presidents and seniors Shawn Lee and Jo...

New faces fill old shoes

Attendance technician Supriya Lawrence sits at her desk in the main office. Lawrence had previously worked as a librarian for an elementary school before coming to MV. Photo credit Andrea Perng.

Andrea Perng and Tyler Cho

September 1, 2018

or assistant principal Janice Chen, it was the thrill of coming back to her alma mater, to the place where she had begged for rides to lunch outings, where she had sweated bullets competing on the volleyball team. It was her graduation ceremony, with the warm sun glaring into her eyes and beating down ...

In times of war: reflecting on the Vietnam War

College students protest against the Vietnam War. Prinz was one of these individuals 50 years ago.

Shuvi Jha and Claire Chang

March 7, 2018

t the height of the Vietnam War, American soldiers entered the village of My Lai, opening fire on and killing over 500 innocent Vietnamese men, women and children. March 16, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of what is known today as the My Lai massacre, an event which highlights the anger and anti-war ...

A look back at Apple’s past

A look back at Apple’s past

Roshan Fernandez

March 31, 2017

pple is one of the biggest phenomenons of our generation, especially here in Cupertino. With a new headquarters currently being constructed, the company has came a long way since it was founded in 1976. Check out the infographic and timeline below to learn more about the legacy of Apple.   &nb...

Influencing America, one sport at a time

Influencing America, one sport at a time

Akshara Majjiga

November 4, 2016

With election season upon us, athletes across the country are increasingly using their platforms to endorse candidates and make progress against prominent issues in our communities. Click through the slideshow to see how athletes in the past have helped spark political and social change. Photos taken from Wikimedia Commons...

History teacher Bonnie Belshe wins national history teacher award

History teacher Bonnie Belshe wins national history teacher award

Claire Lu

November 8, 2014

It was on the Normandy D-Day beaches, staring up at the cliffs, where eight-year-old Bonnie Belshe recognized her passion for history. "I remember looking at the rock cliffs that were burial sites for many soldiers who died at Normandy," Belshe said. Belshe spent her entire third grade in England...

Q&A: Senior bridges gap between history and computer science

Q&A: Senior bridges gap between history and computer science

Namrata Ramani

December 7, 2013

Senior Aditi Ramaswamy documents her passion for American history through her blog, The History Hacker. Read More »...