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Gamers review Switch games

Gamers review Switch games

Ayah Ali-Ahmad

April 9, 2020

MV eSports and Gaming Association members pick their top games they have played and ones they look forward to playing

Callin’ the Shots

Soccer referee keeps his eye on the players during the game. Photo by Tabitha Mendez

Elena Khan and Tabitha Mendez

February 5, 2020

ssential to almost every sports competition, referees stand out in their striped black and white attire, a whistle dangling around their necks — it’s up to them to call the shots. With eyes on the players, coaches and fans, the referees are responsible for making quick choices to ensure the safety of th...

Behind the controller

A group of employees play video games while being filmed.

Shivani Gupta, Leanna Sun, Vivian Jiang, Shreshta Ranganathan, Alyssa Hui, and Anish Vasudevan

September 23, 2019

How students and faculty at MVHS use and perceive video games​

Gift giving games

Gift giving games

Alyssa Hui and Gauri Kaushik

December 18, 2018

Putting a fun twist on gift exchanges during the holiday season

A roll of the dice

A roll of the dice

Claire Wen

November 21, 2018

atching as the die spirals through the air, the player holds his breath, crosses his fingers, hoping for the number that will win the game. It lands and bounces, once, twice, three times. He releases his breath and uncrosses his fingers, still waiting, hoping, when finally daring to take a peek for that...

Games with Improv

Games with Improv

Elena Khan and Justine Ha

October 26, 2018

At every Wednesday lunch meeting in the drama black box, Improv Club begins with a warm-up game. The games range from practicing group activities to participating in debates. Adviser and drama teacher Jeff Adams views this club as a way to explore the behind-the-scenes of the rehearsal stages and all...

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

Claire Wen and Jasmine Lee

October 18, 2018

The shock on senior class members’ faces. The collective cheer from the junior class derived from the surprise twist. The excitement of watching skits being put together with hours of labor is replaced by the nervous anticipation at the rally as students’ curiosity regarding the winner of Homecom...

The Fortnite craze

The Fortnite craze

Robert Liu and Jahan Razavi

September 2, 2018

Being one of the most popular video games of 2018 according to The Verge, Fortnite has taken the MVHS campus by storm, becoming a popular pastime for teachers and students alike. In the game, players are able to participate in a 100-player battle royale, a genre that cultivates exploration and scavenging with...

MVHS Robotics Team uses the off-season to practice and prepare for the upcoming season

MVHS Robotics Team uses the off-season to practice and prepare for the upcoming season

Nathan Stevens

October 20, 2017

To a passerby, it looks like a typical weekend at Evergreen Valley HS. Classes have stopped, students and staff have gone home for the weekend and, for the most part, the campus is silent. But on Saturday, October 14, cars filled the parking lot with students who share one thing: a passion for robotic...

Pokémon Go: a common summer pastime

Senior Ruoyun Zheng played Pokémon Go in between breaks at her internship at Berkeley. Berkeley’s Sather Tower is a poke stop many players frequent. First photo used with permission by Ruoyun Zheng. “Creative commons UC Berkeley Tower” John Loo

Jessica Xing

August 31, 2016

Written by Dylan Tsai and Jessica Xing  okémon was a huge part of senior Andrew Chang's childhood. He saw it evolve from the DVDs to Nintendo games to trading cards. Now, his love for Pokemon has been rekindled with the new app Pokémon Go. This summer, when Niantic released their app Pokémon ...

Highlights of the 2016 winter rally

Highlights of the 2016 winter rally

Aanchal Garg

January 29, 2016

or this year’s winter rally, freshmen and seniors competed against sophomores and juniors in an ultimate battle of Dark vs Light. Taking inspiration from Star Wars, the classes of 2017 and 2018 represented the “Light Side” while the classes of 2016 and 2019 represented the “Dark Side.” Bein...