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The Class of 2021

The Class of 2021

Seniors reflect back on their high school experiences

Secondary School Reports: Tips from the Counselors

Anushka De, News Editor October 12, 2019

In August, as the new school year rolls around, the rising senior class is confronted with a barrage of deadlines, one for each college application.  Students must face a barrage of deadlines before...

Neysa Singh works on her math homework. Photo by Lakshanyaa Ganesh

The things school taught me

Neysa Singh September 18, 2019
Discovering that school has taught me valuable skills for the future
Graphic by Annie Zhang

A tie between reality and spirituality: How déjà vu keeps me in tune with fate

Annie Zhang September 3, 2019
Deciphering my encounters with déjà vu

The future of La Pluma

Lakshanyaa Ganesh May 24, 2019

s the school year wraps up, various teams and clubs reflect and rejoice in their accomplishments through celebrations including banquets. Many seniors look back on their extracurriculars as a core, defining...

Shifting perspectives owing to Model UN

Shifting perspectives owing to Model UN

Oishee Misra May 23, 2019
Model UN training officer Nelson Mu shares insights about his past two years in the club
Constant Change: As I look toward the future

Constant Change: As I look toward the future

Oishee Misra March 30, 2019
My struggle with uncertainty about what lies ahead
Working for the future

Working for the future

Brian Xu and Laasya Koduru February 4, 2019

Sparkling chandeliers. Lush sofas and curtains. A profitable job. A stable family. This is the life that many wish and plan for throughout the course of their lives, especially MVHS students.   In...

A look at FPPNs annual suturing lab

A look at FPPN’s annual suturing lab

Michelle Wong March 3, 2018

rom sheep brains to fetal pigs, it's not uncommon for dissections to take place in physiology and biology classrooms. Students are taught to cut through tissue and cartilage to gain a deeper understanding...

MVHS holds first technology career night of the year

MVHS holds first technology career night of the year

Jai Uparkar February 14, 2018

n Thursday, Feb. 1 MVHS held its first career night of 2018, attracting students interested in a future in technology. The night began at 7 p.m. with a speech by Kern Peng, who has worked at Intel for...

Exploring the medical field

Exploring the medical field

Michelle Wong November 17, 2017

lthough summer is still far away, due dates for summer program applications are just around the corner. During their meeting on November 13, Future Practicing Physicians Network introduced various internships...

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