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Cultural Cooking

Cultural Cooking

Dahlia Schilling and Mihir Vishwarupe December 9, 2023

Diwali  As Science Curriculum Lead Kavita Gupta began to fry the dough she rolled out earlier in a pan with oil, the smell of sweet fried dough and milk solids immediately  begins to waft throughout...

Homemade Hipster: Banana Smoothie Bowl

Chiran Arumugam, Staff Writer November 5, 2022

Learn how to make a fun, healthy, banana-based dessert, combining ice and cocoa powder for a cold, refreshing taste!​​ Ingredients: Two bananas, sliced into thin circles One-fourth cup milk...

Sahana Venkatesh made chocolate dipped strawberries and baked cupcakes for a friend on Valentines day. I did so to set her standards back for men, Venkatesh said.  

Photos courtesy of Sahana Venkatesh | Used with permission

Culinary Dream

Ayah Ali-Ahmad May 20, 2021
Alumnus share their educational pursuits in the food industry
The culinary world

The culinary world

Exploring the diverse aspects of the culinary world at MVHS
Favorite childhood dishes

Favorite childhood dishes

Brian Xu February 9, 2021
Community members share about revisiting recipes during quarantine
Photo by Annie Zhang

Homemade Hipster: On-the-go breakfasts

Annie Zhang and Ishaani Dayal September 24, 2020

ornings can be hectic and rushed with 8 a.m Zoom classes, but cooking a nutritious and appetizing breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore. With basic ingredients such as bananas and yogurt from your kitchen,...

One of the desserts junior Roma Ankolekar
baked was cookies. Photo by Roma Ankolekar

Quarantine chefs

Claire Wen May 23, 2020
Students take up cooking and baking during shelter in place
DIY: Apple fritters

DIY: Apple fritters

Sarah Young March 27, 2020
Easy to make apple fritters while staying in
A picture of the four marshmallow creations mentioned in the story: rice krispies, marshmallow pops, marshmallow men, and a marshmallow based face mask.

Mallow Makin’ : four marshmallow based creations

Stuti Upadhyay February 11, 2020

Marshmallows are a hallmark of winter — a soft and squishy delicacy that many enjoy, whether it’s marshmallows alone or with a classic treat like hot cocoa. Aside from these typical marshmallow uses,...

After about 15 minutes, the yakisoba is done and served in bowls, along with disposable chopsticks.

A taste from home: Japanese club prepares yakisoba for its members

Emily Xia and Zara Iqbal January 27, 2019

Water? “Hai, mizu.” Yes. A Japanese club officer balanced the bowl of water precariously as she handed it off to the other. Crackling and sizzling sounds filled the air, and the unique smell of...

Homemade Hipster: Foods for when youre sick

Homemade Hipster: Foods for when you’re sick

Ananya Bhat April 13, 2018

ome with a cold? Down with a sore throat? As allergy season approaches, you'll feel better with the rejuvenating effects of these easy-to-create foods and drinks. Check out these home recipes in the video...

Culinary Connections: The way cooking brings people together

Culinary Connections: The way cooking brings people together

Priya Reddy December 12, 2017
Exploring how cooking helps students and teachers connect with those around them
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