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Michelle Chen and Mira Wagner November 30, 2020
Exploring how remote learning affects twins
MVHS social science teacher Hilary Barron poses with her two-year-old son in this photo. Photo courtesy of Hilary Barron

Access to childcare in the midst of COVID-19

Oishee Misra November 25, 2020
FUHSD teachers utilize the FUHSD-Action Day partnership and childcare facilities
Permanent Resident: Immigration at MVHS

Permanent Resident: Immigration at MVHS

Some immigration journeys to the U.S. begin by boarding a small fishing boat packed with refugees fleeing war. Some immigration journeys begin in the form of childhood dreams and finally become a reality...

Taken in May of 2020, this is Avaneesh Athuluri at the age of 14. Photo used with permission of Murali Athuluri

Remembering Avaneesh Athuluri

Oishee Misra November 16, 2020
Celebrating the life of former MVHS sophomore Avaneesh Athuluri
ReTales: Independence

ReTales: Independence

Anushka De, Features Editor November 9, 2020
The lady who needed an alarm clock
Graphic by Matthew Yoshimoto

Student strategies for staying motivated

Matthew Yoshimoto November 8, 2020
Exploring different methods of combating a lack of productivity during remote learning
Graphic by Sophia Chen

A throwback to childhood trends

Sophia Chen and Suraj Gangaram October 30, 2020
Students reminisce on nostalgic toys and trends from their childhood from the past two decades
The effect of COVID-19 on hobbies

The effect of COVID-19 on hobbies

Tanish Mendki and Michelle Chen October 29, 2020
Exploring the stories of student activities affected by the events of 2020
College in COVID-19

College in COVID-19

Exploring the various ways the pandemic affects colleges and the application process
Lloyd Holmes Profile Photo

Lloyd Holmes: the new president of De Anza College

Devin Gupta, News and Web Editor October 26, 2020
Holmes shares his experiences with race, education and giving back
The three branches of debate Monta Vista offers | Graphic by Irene Tang

Debating through a screen

Irene Tang October 24, 2020
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Director of Marching Band John Gilchrist stands in front of Monta Vista, beaming  //  Used with Perrmisson

JOHN GILCHRIST: The new marching band director

Anika Sharma October 17, 2020
Getting to know John Gilchrist and his plans for the future of the music department
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