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Humans of Cupertino

Discovering the stories that populate Cupertino
Members of Post Corona Care meet over Zoom to discuss next steps.

Behind the student organization Post Corona Care

Iman Malik and Annie Zhang February 8, 2021
Exploring the operations of PCC and the motivations of its creators

The conservative minority

Rachel Jiang February 5, 2021
Exploring the extent to which education imposes the stigma surrounding conservative minorities at MVHS
Sexual assault

Sexual assault

Examining sexual assault in Bay Area high schools

A day in quarantine

Anushka De, Features Editor February 4, 2021
Following three students’ daily routines 10 months into the pandemic
MVHS cafeteria manager Debbie Herrera is currently working at Cupertino HS to implement the FUHSD Free Meal Policy.

Behind the scenes on the MVHS campus

Oishee Misra January 24, 2021
Investigating how the roles of the cafeteria manager, site technician and day custodian have shifted during a distance learning school year
Senior Tae Kyu Kim studies with his friends for an upcoming AP Calculus BC test.

Competition culture

Prisha Tiwari, Staff Writer January 23, 2021
Examining how students and teachers view competition at MVHS
Junior Ronit Avalani poses while making promotional content for the MV Official Instagram account

School spirit online

Anushka De, Features Editor January 21, 2021
Leadership uses novel approaches to engage students during distance learning
50 Questions with Shozo Shimazaki

50 Questions with Shozo Shimazaki

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor January 21, 2021
In the 12th installment of the recurring series, El Estoque asks Shozo Shimazaki 50 questions
The freshman class officers take a group photo in their Leadership class | Photo by Ryland Adzich

A year of firsts

Gauri Manoj January 21, 2021
The freshman class officers discuss their first semester experiences and goals for the future
Hannah Baker and her family celebrating Christmas. Photo by Irma Baker|Used with permission

Growing up in a religious household

Nishat Kazi January 20, 2021
Students reflect on how they formed their beliefs and practices
MVHS senior Manas Manu discusses publishing his first music piece

The making and promotion of Manas Manu’s first song

Arjan Madan and Tina Low January 11, 2021
MVHS senior Manas Manu discusses publishing his first music piece
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