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Athletes continue preparing for their sports next year

Senior Triya Roy is part of the varsity track team and participated in the Rustbuster Invitational Track Meet in March.

Jayanti Jha

May 2, 2020

With shelter-in-place restrictions opening up students’ schedules, many have turned to picking up a new hobby, learning something new or baking their favorite treats. However, for some MVHS athletes, the extra time is invested toward staying fit for their sport seasons next year. Freshman Hayden Anch...

Track & field host its annual 400 meter shootout event

Coach Kirk Flatow fires the starting gun for every heat during the shootout event.

Justine Ha and Tabitha Mendez

March 3, 2020

On Feb. 27, the shootout event took place which kickstarted the new 2020 track & field season

Taking it to the next level

Taking it to the next level

Rajas Habbu and Rucha Soman

March 13, 2019

It was the summer of 5th grade when MVHS alumna and now Cornell University freshman Demetra Williams and her best friend found diving lessons offered at Fremont HS. Her friend said, “I’ll do it if you do” and managed to convince her to enroll. Down the road, her friend quit diving for field ho...

On the Right Track: Custodian Tom Orsua becomes track coach

Photo used with permission of Thomas Orsua

Hannan Waliullah

April 27, 2016

It’s 3:15p.m. Custodian Thomas Orsua turns in his radio, rides his white cart to the cafeteria, throws away the trash he collected during the day and signs out. Heís done with his shift for the day. But instead of climbing into his car and heading home, Orsua shifts gears and heads to the locker ...

Track and Field: Varsity Team loses in competition against the other MV

Track and Field: Varsity Team loses in competition against the other MV

Emma Lam

April 4, 2016

Co-reported by Fatima Ali and Hannan Waliullah n March 30th, a clash between Monta Vista HS and Mountain View HS occurred. Stakes were high, with Mountain View HS a step down from a higher division this season. The Matadors faced their toughest rival yet. It was a smaller home meet, with only two...

Track and Field: Q&A with team freshmen

Track and Field: Q&A with team freshmen

Emma Lam

April 1, 2016

Cowritten by Hannan Waliullah and Fatima Ali Photos by Fatima Ali veryone knows what it's like to be an freshman, whether they’re a teacher or a student at MVHS. They’ve all been through the transition from middle school to high school, not knowing where or how they’ll fit in. A few fin...

Track and Field: First home meet of the season brings multiple wins

Track and Field: First home meet of the season brings multiple wins

Fatima Ali

March 24, 2016

Co-reported by Hannan Waliullah and Emma Lam Photos by Hannan Waliullah, Emma Lam and Fatima Ali he starting gun went off, signaling the start of the first 4x100 meter relay. As the lead for the MVHS team, freshman Reema Apte began to run, cheers all around the field resounded, shouting for the...

Matador of the Week: Anella Palacpac

Matador of the Week: Anella Palacpac

Alina Abidi

May 9, 2014

When freshman Anella Palacpac was in middle school, she did not picture herself running track. She was always fast, but she was a soccer player, and she planned on sticking to the sport. However, after taking a year off of soccer, she did not feel prepared to try out for the school team, so she gave...

Olympic psychologist holds seminar for MVHS track team

Steve Portenga, the lead sports psychologist for USA’s Olympic track team, speaks to MVHS track athletes and parents on May 1. Portenga, who was invited by MVHS track coach Kirk Flatow, explained the mental aspects of running. Photo by Carissa Chan.

Carissa Chan

May 6, 2012

On May 1 at 6:30 p.m., MVHS track athletes and parents trickled into the auditorium, some students still wearing shorts and running shoes. With the auditorium about half full, Steve Portenga, a professional sports psychologist, began his seminar on the psychology of sports performance. In a two-h...

PHOTO GALLERY: Track and field renovation update

Construction continues in preparation for grand reopening

Karen Feng

April 8, 2012

As the end of year looms closer, construction work is picking up pace. Field renovations are scheduled to finish next year, with a grand opening of the new track and field by Jan. 7, 2013. As of April 6,the underground piping, stadium lights and some of the turf have been laid down, and the track is due to be complete in about two weeks. If work goes according ...

Donor brick program a new source of revenue

The new track and field facility, which is to be completed by Jan. 7, 2013, will be built using the donor bricks that are purchased this year. The remaining bricks of the total 720 that are purchased later will be installed separately. These bricks will eventually fill three entrance walkways: the football entry, baseball entry and lower field entrance. Photo taken from MVHS website.

Karen Feng

April 8, 2012

As construction of the new track and field facilities continues, MVHS has followed the example of all the other schools in the district by installing donor bricks on the new grounds: 720 total on the football, baseball and lower field entrance walkways. Also similar to other FUHSD schools is where th...