Track & field host its annual 400 meter shootout event

On Feb. 27, the shootout event took place which kickstarted the new 2020 track & field season


Justine Ha

Coach Kirk Flatow fires the starting gun for every heat during the shootout event.

Justine Ha and Tabitha Mendez

School meets, RustBuster Invitational and CCS. While the MVHS track & field team attends these events annually with the over 130 athletes on the team, people fail to mention one of the first and most important meets of the season: the 400 meter shootout.

Arranged fully by coach John McKeeman, the shootout event is the first meet MVHS track & field athletes participate in for the season. All athletes on the team, no matter their event, are split up into different heats and must run 400 meters. At the end of the event, the fastest male and female athletes receive free Nike spikes or trainer shoes. 

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