El Estoque

When life felt normal: MVHS edition

Photo used with permission | Kristen Hsieh

Justine Ha and Oishee Misra

June 1, 2020

Inspired by The New York Times, MVHS students reminisce on moments before COVID-19 cancellations

Introverts vs extroverts in lockdown

Introverts vs extroverts in lockdown

Collin Qian and Shreshta Ranganathan

April 10, 2020

With school closed and lockdown in place, students are forced to stay at home and find new routines for themselves. However, the ways through which introverted and extroverted students adapt have both differences and similarities.   EXTROVERTS   It was Friday, March 13, 2020. S...

Welcome Back Rally 2019

The senior class screams the response to the

Justine Ha and Shreshta Ranganathan

September 2, 2019

A photo compilation of the rally featuring class spirit, performances and games