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‘Monta Vista Compliments’ inspires gratitude

‘Monta Vista Compliments’ was started by two MVHS students in early January 2013. The page aims to foster gratitude through the publication of anonymous compliments. Source: sxc.hu

Yashashree Pisolkar

March 20, 2013

Beginning early January, a page titled “Monta Vista Compliments” circulated on students’ Facebook newsfeeds. The idea was simple enough: Using social media to promote positive conversation among students. Founded by two students who wish to remain anonymous, Monta Vista Compliments is an ...

FBLA holds first ever Baby Benefit Bash on Feb. 2

FBLA holds first ever Baby Benefit Bash on Feb. 2

Angela Wang

February 5, 2013

FBLA chapters from MVHS, Homestead, Lynbrook and Cupertino High Schools raise money for March of Dimes. Read More »...

When more means less

When more means less

Alexandria Poh

November 9, 2011

Every chair at every table is filled. A long line forms for seats at a computer. Whether they are frantically cramming for an AP Biology quiz or trying to make some time for pleasure reading, many students are spending their free time in the school library. Meanwhile the librarians are trying to make sure the library doesnít exceed its maximum cap...