El Estoque

Co-owner Liberty Walker poses in front of the Don't Glaze Me Donuts truck.

Six Bay Area Black-owned eateries to support

Justine Ha and Tina Low October 17, 2020
Suggestions for restaurants, cafes and dessert businesses to visit
Photo by Annie Zhang

Homemade Hipster: On-the-go breakfasts

Annie Zhang and Ishaani Dayal September 24, 2020

ornings can be hectic and rushed with 8 a.m Zoom classes, but cooking a nutritious and appetizing breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore. With basic ingredients such as bananas and yogurt from your kitchen,...

DIY: Apple fritters

DIY: Apple fritters

Sarah Young March 27, 2020
Easy to make apple fritters while staying in
A picture of the four marshmallow creations mentioned in the story: rice krispies, marshmallow pops, marshmallow men, and a marshmallow based face mask.

Mallow Makin’ : four marshmallow based creations

Stuti Upadhyay February 11, 2020

Marshmallows are a hallmark of winter — a soft and squishy delicacy that many enjoy, whether it’s marshmallows alone or with a classic treat like hot cocoa. Aside from these typical marshmallow uses,...

Reputations: Food Preferences

Reputations: Food Preferences

Michelle Chen February 7, 2020
Looking at MVHS students' dietary habits
MVHS community members unpack veganism’s negative stereotypes

MVHS community members unpack veganism’s negative stereotypes

Sreya Kumar and Jasmine Lee February 6, 2020

mid the chicken sandwich debates that emerged between popular fast food restaurants Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, an unlikely contender remained engraved in our minds — the Impossible Burger. Founded in 2011,...


Positivity Podcast Ep. 3: Thanksgiving Edition

Oishee Misra and Lakshanyaa Ganesh November 22, 2019
Displaying appreciation during the season of giving thanks
Food with a side of feelings

Food with a side of feelings

Aditi Dixit October 28, 2019
How my brother and I bond over cuisine
Eat, pray, jam

Eat, pray, jam

Exploring how different members of the MVHS athletic community prepare for games and practices
Asanuma spoons himself the shoyu (soy sauce) on his dango.

Officers of Japanese Club illustrate what ‘dango’ means in Japanese tradition

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor October 8, 2019
The club serves sweet rice dumpling balls for its first food event
The typical

The crossroads of food and religion in the month of April

Flora Peng April 23, 2019

Readily-available Easter renditions of adorable baby animals and the declining diets of students overwhelmed by approaching exams are not the only contributors to fluctuation in food consumption during...

DIY: Spring Desserts: How to make tangerine and milk jelly and lemon bars

DIY: Spring Desserts: How to make tangerine and milk jelly and lemon bars

Sarah Young, Graphic's editor April 6, 2019

pring, although a time for allergies and a war against the pollen outside, remains a favorite of mine, due to it also being the same time my mom and I would bake seasonal sweets. Fragrant lemon bars with...

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