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Unwrapping seasonal menu items at Peet’s Coffee

Reviewing new special additions for the Christmas season menu
Trisha Sannappanavar
Outside exterior of Peet’s Coffee shop at Saratoga


El Estoque visited the Peet’s Coffee establishment in Saratoga to review its latest limited edition holiday flavors.


Peppermint Mocha Black Tie:

A small size of Peppermint Mocha Black Tie. Photo by Trisha Sannappanavar

Size/Price: Small/$5.35, Medium/$5.95, Large/$6.50

The peppermint mocha black tie consists of a layer of sweetened condensed milk subtly infused with peppermint at the bottom of the drink, complemented with cold brew, chocolate sauce and a blend of whole milk and cream, served over ice. The harmony between the chocolate sauce and peppermint flavor serves as a great balance since neither of the flavors overpower each other. Ultimately, the drink is delicious and satisfies your holiday cravings, making the purchase worth it. 



Holiday Spice Latte:

A small size of Holiday Spice Latte. Photo by Arshiya Sen

Size/Price: Small/$6.10, Medium/$6.70, Large/$7.20

The holiday spice latte presents a robust blend of spices, notably cinnamon and nutmeg, which mix together with the milk foam’s sweetness to provide a soul-nourishing experience. Despite the pronounced flavors, the coffee’s essence holds its ground and complements the diverse flavor palette, balancing out the sweet with the bitter aftertaste. The texture is marred by unpleasant rough chunks of spices, slightly diminishing the overall experience, but the flavors make up for this deficiency. 



Peppermint Mocha:

Size/Price: Small/$6.60, Medium/$7.20, Large/$7.80


The peppermint mocha captures the essence of the holidays by blending espresso with decadent chocolate syrup, sweet peppermint and a swirl of whipped cream. This drink presents the perfect blend of peppermint and mocha and provides the right sweetness so that the mint flavor is not too dominating. The chocolate sauce, however, unfortunately overpowers the mint and mocha flavor of the drink, making it more of a hot cocoa instead of a mocha. Overall, this drink provides a tasteful holiday twist and is great for those who do not prefer a strong coffee. 



Gingerbread Cookie:

A warmed up serving of a Gingerbread Cookie. Photo by Arshiya Sen 

Price: $2.50 

*Disclaimer* This cookie was warmed up and did not originally look this way 

The spiced gingerbread cookie features a strong blend of cinnamon and ginger accompanied by a luscious layer of icing on the top. The cookie is decently sized, providing a satisfying portion that adds to the overall indulgence of this festive treat. Although the cookie tastes delicious, it is slightly hard to chew even after being warmed up. Its firm texture takes away from the taste and hinders the overall experience. 



Overall rating: 4/5


Although the items were on the more expensive side, the winter holiday menu encapsulates the much-anticipated flavors people crave this season, offering a well-curated array of options. Furthermore, the service was fast, with the wait time lasting around 4 to 5 minutes. Altogether, it was a positive experience and a great way to kick off the holiday season.

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