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A Film Lover: Razi Mahmood

A Film Lover: Razi Mahmood

Karen Sanchez

December 12, 2017

or senior Razi Mahmood, film is the best kind of art. There’s a sense of joy, a small satisfaction and excitement, when the theater slowly grows darker before a movie. The same can be felt when lying on the couch, warm, watching Netflix. The screen enters full screen mode and your eyes lay upon ...

Fashion blogger tracks her progress

Tong models a watercolor patterned dress. She made this dress herself using a silky fabric. Photo used with permission of Irene Tong.

Rhonda Mak

August 29, 2013

It seems like you can get anything from the Internet now — whether it’s a recipe, a diaper-changing tutorial or even fashion inspiration. Senior Angie Tong, for example, runs her own fashion blog, angelinadanielle.blogspot.com. Tong’s blog is comprised of regular posts about her fashion choices, be i...

Laptops won’t be carted away anytime soon

Laptops won’t be carted away anytime soon

Angela Wang

October 8, 2012

Netbook carts will continue to be used despite the difficulties they pose Read More »

Peek into philosophy club plans

President Wells Santos hopes that his club will train people to be open and confident about their personal beliefs.

Angela Liu

October 17, 2011

Click here for an update on Philosophy Club and their meetings. Amidst all of the Homecoming notices and daily bulletins that filled the School Loop news board, one topic stood out: a reminder for a public debate on the topic of “Is man naturally good or evil?” Philosophy club discusses ...

Magic with flair

Magic with flair

Ingrid Chang

May 16, 2010

Freshman Grant Menon reveals what is truly important behind those fancy tricks  Read More »...

Holding down the number one spot

Holding down the number one spot

Eric Wong

April 8, 2010

Junior Amreet Mohanty has played number one singles for the boys varsity tennis team since freshman year Read More »...

The Big Mama of Divas

The Big Mama of Divas

Surabhi Srivastava

September 1, 2009

Beyonce and her alter ego Sasha fierce may just be the Michael Jackson of our generation, at least if you look at it through the eyes of three first time concert goers. Read More »...