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Another message from an ASB candidate for a vote

ASB candidates, please stop DMing us

Lance Tong March 17, 2021
Why campaigns DMing people individually is disingenuous
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2020 Year in review

Rachel Jiang and Shivani Verma January 5, 2021
Reflecting on the events of 2020
The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

Leanna Sun October 27, 2020
What Supreme Court Justice Judge Amy Coney Barrett means for the future of the country
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Ballot Box

Exploring local politics in our community

MVHS students help council member Rishi Kumar adapt to COVID-19 while he runs for Congress

Rachel Jiang June 19, 2020
How political campaigns have changed in the pandemic era
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Running for MVHS office

Collin Qian, Visuals Editor March 31, 2020

“F--- off,” “I already voted !” or no reply at all. These are just a few of the responses I got when walking around campus during lunch campaigning for MVHS elections. I’ve ran for MV office...

Women’s Suffrage and the Voter’s Choice Act

Anushka De and Andie Liu November 15, 2019
The passage of the Voter’s Choice Act makes it easier for Californian voters to cast their ballot
Meet the new 2016-17 ASB officer team

Meet the new 2016-17 ASB officer team

Amanda Chan April 7, 2016

Co-written by Nanda Nayak ASB President Malika Singh El Estoque: What’s the most rewarding thing about being in Leadership? Malika Singh: “To see the smiles and happiness that comes from...

Meet the Cupertino City Council candidates

Meet the Cupertino City Council candidates

Elia Chen November 3, 2014

Story reported on by Elia Chen and Claire Lu On Nov. 4, Cupertino residents will be asked to vote for candidates to fill three open board member positions on the City Council. Two candidates, Mark Santoro...

The 2017 class officers stand in front their class’s rally poster at the Welcome Back rally. The officers were elected by students from their respective middle schools in May 2013. Used with permission of Lian Song.

2017 class officers chosen in early elections

Colin Ni August 26, 2013

Typically held in September, the freshman class officer elections were instead held in May due to earlier Homecoming schedule. The Class of 2017’s freshman class officers were elected by students...

ASB officers for 2012-2013 school year announced

ASB officers for 2012-2013 school year announced

Akshay Agrawal April 13, 2012

Update, April 25 at 6:42 p.m.: Emily Wong was selected as IDC Representative through the runoff election. The results of the ASB officer elections for the 2012-2013 school year are as follows: President:...

FUHSD Board of Trustees: the forum

FUHSD Board of Trustees: the forum

Dickson Tsai November 1, 2010

Academic issues of the school board elections are explored This Nov. 2, three seats on the FUHSD Board of Trustees will be open. Barbara Nunes, Hung Wei, and Bill Wilson are looking for reelection...

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