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Addressing climate change

Addressing climate change

Examining the approach to climate change on four different levels
Examining how the government is handling the climate crisis through a set of bills and rulings

Federal regulations advance the national approach to climate change

Melody Cui December 10, 2021
Examining how the government is handling the climate crisis through a set of bills and rulings


Krish Dev, Opinion Editor October 27, 2020
Healthcare issues at stake in the 2020 election


Abdullah Memon October 27, 2020
The 2020 presidential election could shape the future of colleges and universities


Robert Liu October 27, 2020
Reviewing a wealth of perspectives will best inform us on what immigration issues are at stake
Electing Joe Biden does not offer much improvement for the Muslim-American community

Lesser of two evils: What the future looks like for Muslims after the presidential election

Iman Malik October 18, 2020
Breaking down Joe Biden’s agenda for Muslim-American communities
The dangers of downplaying COVID-19

The dangers of downplaying COVID-19

Neysa Singh and Leanna Sun October 18, 2020
Why recent responses regarding the virus from the White House and Capitol Hill are irresponsible
The mask shaming game is not worth it

The mask shaming game is not worth it

Leanna Sun September 13, 2020
Why resorting to debasing others won’t actually help with the pandemic
Shelter-in-place notification for Santa Clara County

The importance of the shelter-in-place order

Zara Iqbal and Michelle Chen April 10, 2020
How different members of the MVHS community are following the guidelines
A man protests the Iraq War in 2008 in the streets of San Francisco

Anti-Muslim rhetoric in American media will grow due to escalated tensions with Iran

Zara Iqbal, Copy editor January 27, 2020
The war in Iran will fuel islamophobia in the U.S.
U.S President Donald Trump gives a speech.

The impeachment inquiry: House Judiciary Committee passes two articles against President Donald Trump

Swara Tewari and Emily Xia December 16, 2019
A look into the process leading up to the accusations made against President Trump

America is not as bad as we think

Shuvi Jha December 13, 2019

resident Donald Trump’s ascension to office in 2016 was hardly smooth sailing. For many, his election was indicative of an America that was becoming increasingly racist,  sexist and intolerable of minorities,...

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