El Estoque

Graduating seniors take a freshman biology test

Graduating seniors take a freshman biology test

Devin Gupta

April 11, 2020

El Estoque tests how much seniors remember from freshman biology

Pack Your Own Lunch Day

Freshman Shikhar Gupta opens his lunchbox.

Devin Gupta

March 11, 2020

According to Ph.D. Carolyn Williams, students who pack their own lunches have been reported to experience various benefits, including healthier meal planning and less food waste. Packing lunch often allows students to be more conscious about the type of foods students consume and how much of it they throw...

Opposition to the Vallco Plan

Demolition begins at Vallco Mall called Demolition Day || From Mercury News

Anushka De and Devin Gupta

January 10, 2020

Sand Hill Property reinitiates construction in Vallco Shopping Mall after passing of State Bill 35

Urbanization of Cupertino

Urbanization of Cupertino

Anushka De, Devin Gupta, Andie Liu, Swara Tewari, and Emily Xia

January 10, 2020

In a constant state of change, Cupertino has experienced drastic changes in terms of infrastructure and business from the influx of both workers and residents. Vallco construction has recently been reinitiated after the passage of State Bill 35. The proliferation of chain businesses act as a double edged...

Tesla’s Technology Update

White tesla in parking lot || photo from Charlie Deets

Devin Gupta

December 16, 2019

Electric car manufacturer released a new software update for their electric cars including self-park, Spotify, Netflix, and arcade games

Bring Change to Mind’s 2019 California Summit

Students participated in discussion with one another about mental health awareness techniques || Used with permission from Daniel Duan

Devin Gupta

December 12, 2019

Bring Change to Mind attends a conference about spreading mental health awareness and personal wellbeing

MV Microfinance presents Kiva charity proposal to the FUHSD Board

Sophomores and MV Microfinance officers Devin Gupta, Arnav Doshi, and Ojas Karnavat present their proposal to the FUHSD board to get their charity organization, Kiva, permanently approved for further use by the club throughout the year.

Ishaani Dayal

November 22, 2019

n Tuesday, Nov. 5, MV Microfinance president and sophomore Ojas Karnavat stood at the podium, joined by two other officers, to present a charity proposal to the FUHSD board. His goal was to have the Board approve the microfinance nonprofit organization Kiva, a nonprofit organization that lends money to ...

Bring Change to Mind: The founding and purpose

Used from Website

Devin Gupta

October 26, 2019

Objectives behind the Bring Change to Mind organization efforts to make an impact on students’ mental health

Pre-college college expenses

Breakdown of college related activities and associated costs

Devin Gupta

October 22, 2019

Adriane Heinz, enrollment manager at Cupertino Flex College Prep, estimates the average family in Cupertino pays as much as $20,000 per child for tutoring, SAT preparation and other academic services. These services are part of a nationally growing market for academic tutoring, as the industry grows...