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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Academic experieces may range across classes based on how coherent curriculum is implemented.

Working towards a coherent curriculum through equitable grading practices

For the 2023-2024 school year, MVHS Leadership introduced two new grading policies from Joe Feldman’s book “Grading for Equity” — Reframing Homework and Rubrics — in addition to the three that...

Educators Yau-Jong Twu, Matthew Beat and Dave Farina are some of the YouTubers that MVHS teachers play in class.


Ananya Chaudhary and Krish Dev June 3, 2023

Physics In 2011, Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s Physics teacher Yau-Jong Twu had a student who was hard of hearing, and while she was a bright student, it was difficult for her to keep up with the...



Exploring various types of conversations in our community
Teachers share first job experiences

Teachers share first job experiences

Aashna Patel March 18, 2022

David Hartford  Social Studies teacher David Hartford grew up helping on his family’s farm in Michigan from age 5. By 13, he earned $7 per hour, which he says was a “decent amount” at the time,...

A student and teacher engaging in conversation | Graphic by Angela Zhang

The importance of direct communication in a school setting

Shivani Madhan and Kripa Mayureshwar March 18, 2022
How students navigate engaging in conversations with their teachers
History teacher Hilary Barron dances with the Orchesis Dance Company at Cal Poly. Photo courtesy of Hilary Barron | Used with permission

Back in action

Michelle Zheng and Michelle Chen March 17, 2022
MVHS teacher athletes discuss their journeys through sports
Crazy School Stories

Crazy School Stories

Prisha Tiwari, Features Editor March 10, 2022
Teachers recount memorable moments with students during their career
One of my favorite memories from elementary school was when Ms.G made homemade ice cream out of fresh strawberries for us.

To all the teachers who have inspired me

Meggie Chen January 27, 2022
Letters to all the teachers who’ve stuck with me through the years

Teachers take their own tests

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala December 6, 2021
History, French, Physics and Calculus teachers share advice for test-taking
An interactive graphic made with Flourish that displays sex and HIV education mandates in the U.S.

Expanding sex education

Shivani Madhan September 3, 2021
Examining sex education at MVHS in comparison to schools nationwide
FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

On April 19, all schools within FUHSD started hybrid learning, an opportunity for students to return to an in-person format of instruction as COVID-19 conditions in Santa Clara County...

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