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Teachers take their own tests

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala December 6, 2021
History, French, Physics and Calculus teachers share advice for test-taking
An interactive graphic made with Flourish that displays sex and HIV education mandates in the U.S.

Expanding sex education

Shivani Madhan September 3, 2021
Examining sex education at MVHS in comparison to schools nationwide
FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

On April 19, all schools within FUHSD started hybrid learning, an opportunity for students to return to an in-person format of instruction as COVID-19 conditions in Santa Clara County...

Zoom School: MVHS Edition

Zoom School: MVHS Edition

MVHS community devises ways around the challenges of distance learning
Teaching styles evolve during remote learning

Teaching styles evolve during remote learning

Neysa Singh and Ritu Atreyas September 13, 2020
MVHS students and staff share about transitioning to Zoom school

Positivity Podcast Ep. 3: Thanksgiving Edition

Oishee Misra and Lakshanyaa Ganesh November 22, 2019
Displaying appreciation during the season of giving thanks
Graphic by Sarah Young

Fighting for Rights

Workers in our local community are constantly fighting for their rights. Teachers strive to expose all their students to LGBTQ texts and history. The League of Women Voters campaigns to register teenagers to vote and increase voter turnout. Librarians go on strike to demand for improved working conditions. Read this package about the process and the emotions that characterize these endeavors. 
Senior Anna Kolesov smiles at the crowd in the bleachers while linking arms with her former calculus teacher, Martin Jennings.

Introducing the Class of 2020’s Homecoming Court

Jai Uparkar October 24, 2019
Witnessing the reactions and emotions of nominated seniors at the 2019-20 Homecoming Court ceremony
English teachers from all five FUHSD high schools gather at the Quinlan Community Center to learn about equity and social justice in their classrooms

English teachers come together to promote equity in classrooms

Tanish Mendki October 21, 2019
English teachers of FUHSD attend sessions in order to learn how to help their students in a way that benefits them

50 Questions with Joe Kim

Hannah Lee and Kamyar Moradi September 29, 2019
In the third installment of the recurring series, El Estoque asks Joe Kim 50 questions in his classroom
Physics and chemistry teacher Julie Choi poses at her graduation ceremony.

Teachers being pushed out of the comfort zone

Tyler Cho and Claire Wen September 26, 2019
Teachers share how they overcame their reserved personalities
College crossroads: exploring four MVHS teachers’ unique college experiences

College crossroads: exploring four MVHS teachers’ unique college experiences

Brian Xu June 1, 2019

As students navigate through their four years at MVHS, thoughts of college and careers undoubtedly brew in their minds. But amid the bustle of projects and exams, there is one group of people that is often...

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