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Body goals

“Body goals”

Geethikaa Tarra September 21, 2021
Examining the toxicity behind using the phrase “body goals"
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Olga Tutunaru

#BookTok: The rising literary community for teens

Aashna Patel, staff writer September 18, 2021

Last year sophomore Aya Abdelrahman found book related content on TikTok as she was trying to select books for her summer reading. After seeing a video of a content creator reviewing books , including...

My image has all the elements of a perfect Whatsapp good morning message — flowers, a cheesy caption that doesnt make a lot of sense, and fonts that dont match.

Why WhatsApp may be what’s up

Jayanti Jha March 6, 2021
Carry your inner WhatsApp energy no matter which social media platforms you use
A collage featuring Dark Academia (left) and Cottagecore (right)

Cottagecore vs. Dark Academia: A detailed comparison

Shivani Madhan January 26, 2021
Exploring the popularity and controversies surrounding two trendy aesthetics
The hyperfocus on political correctness among the MVHS community hinders productive discussion.

Intellectual elitism

Oishee Misra January 17, 2021
The hyperfocus on political correctness among the MVHS community hinders productive discussion
Walsworth Social Success Webinar

El Valedor presents at national yearbook workshop

Devin Gupta, News and Web Editor November 20, 2020
Junior Lydia Lu shares her COVID-19 social media strategy at yearbook webinar
Junior Tyra Lin’s corgi Mina sits for a photo at Yosemite National Park in January of 2019.

Pet Instas

Claire Wen and Melody Cui November 8, 2020
Students share about the Instagram accounts they created for their pets
A Black Lives Matter poster by National Geographic stands in Washington D.C.

“Arrest the cops”: Exploring the parallels between performative activism and profits

Robert Liu November 7, 2020
Companies and celebrities are profiting off tragedies
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Breonna Taylor deserves better social media representation

Suraj Gangaram September 26, 2020
The circulation of memes and other social media gimmicks leads to a jaded population in response to Breonna Taylor’s death
Senior Winter Bloom posts a video on TikTok and adds text to make her content more relatable. Photo by Winter Bloom | Used with Permission

TikTok trends

Gauri Manoj September 25, 2020
Students discuss the latest trends on the popular social media app
The Bill Clinton album ranking trend sees participants fill out this template of the former president holding up a record sleeve with their favorite albums.
Photo Courtesy of billclintonswag.com

Social media trends during shelter-in-place

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer June 3, 2020
Exploring the opinions of different MVHS student about social media usage during quarantine
Merch madness

Merch madness

Exploring four types of merchandise on campus
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