El Estoque

Seniors Shivani Verma and Esha Ramchurn stand in the front as MV Dance Team performs an in-sync whole team routine. Photo by Krish Dev

The MV Dance team hosts “A December to Remember”

Melody Cui, Krish Dev, and Gauri Manoj December 25, 2021
Students perform in their first showcase since quarantine
Graphic by Kripa Mayureshwar

Bloom: Am I Indian enough?

Shivani Verma December 11, 2021
Processing my feelings about being Indian American
The MVHS community reflects on their experiences with console gaming

The MVHS community reflects on their experiences with console gaming

Crystal Cheng and Shivani Verma December 8, 2021
Exploring how gaming has impacted MVHS community members’ lives
The album cover features Taylor Swift sitting in a red Chevrolet Cabriolet and wearing a red hat, establishing the significance of the color

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ perfectly balances the old and the new

Aashi Venkat and Shivani Verma November 20, 2021
Taylor Swift’s second re-recorded album is a compelling add to her discography

What’s your sign?

Shivani Verma November 12, 2021
A look into how the MVHS community views astrology
In June 2021, I went to Strawberry Park shopping center in Saratoga to eat ramen and drink boba, alone.

Bloom: I went on a date alone (and so should you)

Shivani Verma November 7, 2021
Discovering how to manage my loneliness
The cover of FINNEAS debut album, Optimist, features several dancing figures suspended in air.

‘Optimist’ lacks originality and fails to impress

Shivani Verma and Kripa Mayureshwar October 25, 2021
FINNEAS’ debut album falls short of the bar he set in his previous music
Performers hold up the sophomore banner after finishing their skit. Photo by Justin Kim

Class of 2024’s Homecoming Performance

Sophomores win 3rd place for their performance during Homecoming week
The Class of 2022 wins the 15 second chant-off at the Welcome Back Rally. Photo by Aditya Shukla

MVHS hosts its first rally of the year

Justin E Kim, Gauri Manoj, Aditya Shukla, and Shivani Verma September 4, 2021
The Class of 2022 wins the annual Welcome Back Rally
Redefining Music

Redefining Music

Shivani Verma May 22, 2021
Exploring the impact of LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry on listeners

Homemade Hipster: Gingerbread crinkle cookies

Shivani Verma May 18, 2021
How to bake these sweet and spicy treats
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