El Estoque

The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining

Sean Yagi, Staff Writer March 25, 2021
How 11 months of isolation forced me to rethink my prior relationships
A year of strange time

A year of strange time

Justin Kim March 23, 2021
Reflecting on COVID-19’s effects on my family members’ perception of time
A year of bonding

A year of bonding

Mira Wagner, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

The beginning of quarantine that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic proved relaxing for physics teacher Michael Lordan. The extra time at home and alleviated stress from work allowed him and his wife,...

Social media influencer Leona Daugherty wearing Chan's hoodie (Photo courtesy Leona Daugherty | Used with permission)

Quarantine projects

Irene Tang February 11, 2021
Students share various projects they have been working on during the pandemic
Favorite childhood dishes

Favorite childhood dishes

Brian Xu February 9, 2021
Community members share about revisiting recipes during quarantine

A day in quarantine

Anushka De, Features Editor February 4, 2021
Following three students’ daily routines 10 months into the pandemic
The strangers we know

The strangers we know

Sophia Ma, Staff Writer November 9, 2020
Examining the benefits of friendships that develop solely online during quarantine
The main cover poster for the game

How the smash hit “Among Us” caught on

Aditya Shukla October 21, 2020
Online game allows groups of friends socialize during quarantine
The beauty behind the mask

The beauty behind the mask

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer October 17, 2020

unior Bhavya Kadiyala bought a few outfits for the fall season. Yet the most noticeable addition to her outfit was the patterned silk mask tucked under her arm as she browsed the aisle of face coverings....

Gupta reads a large novel in an organized library. (Photo by Gupta's Father // Used with permission)

Turning pages: Changing perspectives through reading

Mira Wagner, Staff Writer October 12, 2020
Students detail their experiences with reading during quarantine along with the effects reading has on their overall perspectives
Junior Jacob Vrabel began learning to play the guitar over the summer with help from his parents, as his dad has played guitar for 15 years, and his mom has played since she was young.

Budding musicians

Claire Wen September 25, 2020
Students share about learning new musical instruments during quarantine
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