El Estoque

The main parking lot and outside of Monta Vista High School.

Grade distribution analysis from the first progress report

Melody Cui and Krish Dev November 14, 2021

The first grading period of the school year ended on Sept. 21, with a total of 263 D and 239 F grades. There were more failing grades this year compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019, but data obtained...

2021 AP exams

2021 AP exams

Tanish Mendki January 23, 2021
Exploring the uncertainty regarding AP tests this year and its implications for MVHS students and staff
An explanation of the College Boards changes to AP testing for the 2019-20 school year

The College Board updates AP testing procedures in response to COVID-19

Hannah Lee March 25, 2020
Traditional face-to-face exam administrations are revised to a 45-minute online free-response exam taken at home
Behind the budget: School Site Council 2018-19

Behind the budget: School Site Council 2018-19

Kamyar Moradi and Brian Xu April 12, 2019

ield trips are often hallmarks of many students’ high school experiences. For them, memories are created while traveling outside of their mundane daily routines. However, the work put into funding...

“It’s my shadow self!” said Jane. “This is where I used to lay every morning.” Beneath the early afternoon sun, Jane bends over the railroad tracks that once haunted her.

Bullying at MVHS: A bullied victim recovers through communication

Kristin Chang October 24, 2013

Despite the trauma of a bullied childhood, one MVHS junior’s recovery proves that life gets better. [dropcap1]C[/dropcap1]lose your eyes and take three long breaths. Keep your arms still, your...

iPrism firewall lifted

iPrism firewall lifted

Ashish Samaddar August 22, 2013

Modified iPrism firewall allows students to access previously banned sites on any device while on campus. Students this year gain greater Internet freedom for educational purposes with the iPrism...

Letter highlights the flaws of Club Commission

Letter highlights the flaws of Club Commission

Mihir Patil May 5, 2013

When senior Barak Gila wrote an open letter “To Monta Vista, with Love,” regarding Club Commission, he may not have realized that it would receive more than 700 views, along with a plethora of...

New announcements PDF form

New procedure implemented for submitting announcements

Joyce Varma January 24, 2013

A new system for announcements has been approved by administration, and is now in effect. The new system was proposed by Dean of Students Nico Flores because clubs were sending lengthy and unclear...

Former Dean of Students Michael Hicks takes Assistant Principal position

Former Dean of Students Michael Hicks takes Assistant Principal position

Namrata Ramani August 23, 2012

New Assistant Principal Michael Hicks has known former FHS Dean of Students Nico Flores for about four years. They became acquainted with one another at the FUHSD district meetings, where they met a few...

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