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Journeys: three roads that crossed at counseling

A young Stiver poses for a school picture

Anushka De, News Editor

January 9, 2020

MVHS’s four counselors share the paths they’ve taken that brought them to the counseling profession

New adjustments: exploring how MVHS helps transfer students

New adjustments: exploring how MVHS helps transfer students

Sarah Young and Leanna Sun

December 20, 2019

Transfer students and MVHS staff explain how MVHS helps acclimate transfer students to the school

Bulletproof Backpacks: A safety measure versus capital product

Pullquote and Featured

Rachel Jiang and Aditi Dixit

October 24, 2019

Exploring MVHS opinions about whether or not these precautions for gun violence are beneficial

Secondary School Reports: Tips from the Counselors

Anushka De, News Editor

October 12, 2019

In August, as the new school year rolls around, the rising senior class is confronted with a barrage of deadlines, one for each college application.  Students must face a barrage of deadlines before the barrage of deadlines — asking teachers for letters of recommendation, having to complete regi...

New semester presents changes in office staff

Former Attendance Technician Calvin Wong became the new Financial Technician at the beginning of second semester. He was offered the position following Judy Ma’s retirement last semester. Photo by Colin Kim.

Colin Kim

February 13, 2014

Changes in the office bring new responsibilities for Calvin Wong and Monique Balentine. Read More »...

Behind the scenes: Coaches and coordinators facilitate activities away from the spotlight

Monique Balentine sits at the desk where she coordinates the Study Buddies Society program. She organizes student tutors so that struggling students can be helped. Photograph by Tanisha Dasmunshi

Tanisha Dasmunshi

October 11, 2013

[col type="1_2" class=""][title type="h1"]Monique Balentine[/title] Study Buddies Society [divider type="space_thin"] [dropcap1]F[/dropcap1]or three hours a day, Monique Balentine runs the Study Buddies Society program in a quiet corner of the library — often unseen. Although she has been at MVHS...