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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Students define girlhood as what it means to them in a sentence or phrase.

Entering a new era

Aashi Venkat and April Wang March 7, 2024

From pink bows to the lights and glamor of Barbie Land, social media has seen a surge of femininity, coined as "girlhood" by the various trends highlighting what it means to be a girl today. Women have...

Miriam Law poses in KCDCs performance in the Korean American Student Association showcase at Cupertino High School. Photo courtesy of Miriam Law | Used with permission

The Law of fashion

Sagnik Nag Chowdhury, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

When senior Lemon Liu attended Kennedy Middle School, she noticed a classmate in her grade who had an admirable fashion sense — someone whom Liu thought was able to truly express herself through her...

Senior Kushagra Srivastava and senior Suhani Vakhariya take prom photos at Stanford University. (Photo courtesy of Kushagra Srivastava | Used with permission)

The controversy behind public promposals

Avni Gandhi and Crystal Cheng June 1, 2023

For senior Kushagra Srivastava, a key component in his public promposal for his girlfriend was to buy Taco Bell for her, which was her favorite restaurant. He followed this by presenting a poster to her...

MVHS is set to lose the Japanese language program in the coming years as a result of declining enrollment in the course.

FUHSD World Languages to face upcoming changes

Jason Chu and Lauren Chuu June 1, 2023
MVHS will begin phasing out Japanese language courses in 2024-25
Unlearning preconceived beliefs about gender biases is the first step towards dismantling these stereotypes.

“The golden son”

Sarah Liu December 23, 2022
How gender biases in Asian culture affect MVHS community members
The concept of one size fits all, predominantly oriented around one size fitting smaller bodies, is harmful.

Expanding past size zero

Aashi Venkat and Anabelle Walker October 9, 2022
The consequences of corporate resistance to include diverse body types
Korean Clubs Dance Crew performs a circular pose from K-pop group TWICEs What is Love in MVHSs Duo Rally. Photo by Krish Dev

What’s in store for KCDC?

Justin E Kim and Minjae Kang March 3, 2022
Korean Club’s Dance Crew explains the motivations and challenges behind their performances
Sophomore Gracie Lee leads Class of 2024 girls dance practices. Photo Illustration by Gauri Manoj

The Class of 2024: Pushing past COVID-19

Justin E Kim and Priscilla Cho September 17, 2021
Sophomores aim to overcome their inexperience and make their first Homecoming memorable
Social media influencer Leona Daugherty wearing Chans hoodie (Photo courtesy Leona Daugherty | Used with permission)

Quarantine projects

Irene Tang February 11, 2021
Students share various projects they have been working on during the pandemic

A COVID celebration

Mikaylah Du, staff writer December 5, 2020
Exploring what MVHS students and their families did for Thanksgiving
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