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Junior Pramath Doddaballapur smiling and posing for a picture with fellow swimmers after the first swim meet of the season | Photo Krish Dev


Krish Dev and Aashi Venkat May 7, 2022
Finding happiness in sports
Rats have been found in and around the pipes that line walls and ceilings of classrooms.

MVHS faces rat infestation

Krish Dev, Tanish Mendki, and Aashi Venkat April 26, 2022

Just before February break, English teacher Derek Lu noticed a narrow hole in the ceiling of his classroom. Upon further inspection, Lu learned that the hole was caused by rats that were digging for food....

Jake Gyllenhaal and  Abdul-Matteen play brothers Will and Danny Photo | Universal Pictures

“Ambulance” drives past its welcome

Nameek Chowdhury and Krish Dev April 25, 2022

“Ambulance,” directed by Michael Bay, places audiences in a two hour chase sequence of an ambulance zooming through downtown Los Angeles. The film, released in theaters on April 8, is just what you...

Sonya Povalchuk and Pavel Demchenko share how they evacuated Ukraine.

Displaced by war

Krish Dev and Taryn Lam April 24, 2022

Sonya Povalchuk For sophomore Sonya Povalchuk, the morning of Feb. 25 started with two loud explosions. Although she felt like the explosions had taken place in her own backyard, she later learned that...

Portraits of the eight people I interviewed during my four day stay in New York City.

The humans I met in New York

Krish Dev April 19, 2022

It had been more than two years since the last time I had been on a plane, but after finding a ticket to New York City for $70 and having some time to kill, I booked a four day adventure. I boarded the...

Sophomore Aditya Sharma poses with his family, who are all wearing customized Ralph Lauren polo uniforms.

Polo unites the Sharmas

Meggie Chen and Krish Dev April 18, 2022

Sophomore Aditya Sharma’s favorite part of playing horse polo is the unmatched feeling of excitement as the wind whistles in his ears and the loud sound of thumping hooves against the ground as he...

Senior Ashley Twu hangs out with her friends in the rally court.

MVHS hosts Neon Lights Dance

Sonia Verma and Lillian Wang April 10, 2022
Students attend the first dance on campus in two years
The Apple Watch offers a variety of features that track activity 
Graphic | Irene Tang

Down to the bits: technology in sports

Exploring how MVHS sports uses technology
The Tell Me That Its Over album cover features Wallows on a roof with trees and a blue sky behind them.

“Tell Me That It’s Over” is beautifully bittersweet

Krish Dev and Aashi Venkat March 31, 2022
Wallows’ new album contrasts gut wrenching lyrics with an upbeat production
Continuous Coverage on Ethnic Studies, updates on the development of the ethnic studies course at FUHSD will be added as new information is available.

Continuous coverage on Ethnic Studies

Krish Dev, Website Editor March 29, 2022

March 29 Social Studies Curriculum lead Viviana Torres has been assigned with a three year role that involves facilitating two teams that are part of the development of the Ethnic Studies course at...

The Hudl Focus and accompanying app simplify the process of recording and sharing sports footage. Photo by Hudl

MVHS sports teams implement technology

Krish Dev, Website Editor March 25, 2022

This January the Monta Vista Athletics Department replaced their existing Pixellot auto-tracking cameras with two Hudl Focus cameras for $8,000 so that teams can record practices and games and review the...

On March 17, FHS students evacuated classrooms and gathered on the football field due to a bomb threat.

BREAKING: Fremont High School bomb threat causes students to evacuate

Melody Cui and Krish Dev March 17, 2022

Fremont High School students and staff were evacuated at 11:20 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, when admin received a call from an individual threatening the safety of the students. Law enforcement immediately...

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