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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Within Chinatown

Jami Lim and Michelle Zheng April 1, 2024

Nestled between the bustling Union Square and the calm North Bay Shore stands the 176-year-old San Francisco Chinatown. The ethnic enclave, birthed from an era of gold fever and dreams of prosperity, continues...

Kode With Klossy founder Karlie Kloss gives closing remarks to end the event.

Kode With Klossy brings CODE-A-BRATION to the Bay Area

Jami Lim March 19, 2024

Non-profit organization Kode With Klossy hosted its two-day introductory coding workshop CODE-A-BRATION at Stanford University from Saturday, March 16 to Sunday, March 17. Founded by supermodel Karlie...

Senior Samhita Kashyap transferred to MVHS her sophomore year after deliberating between multiple bay area high schools, convinced by its reputation of strong academics.

New kid syndrome

Jami Lim and Stella Petzova February 2, 2024

It was a sunny August morning when senior Samhita Kashyap, then a sophomore, first stepped foot into MVHS after moving from Weston, Florida. Finding herself lost in navigating the unfamiliar campus and...

Junior Selina Wang designs her own nail art to subtly express her style. (Photo by Selina Wang | Used with permission.)

Tiny canvases

Jami Lim January 25, 2024

Junior Selina Wang Junior Selina Wang has been an artist for longer than she has not, having began creating art in elementary school. Wang recently began experimenting with nail design sophomore year...

Mean Girls attempts to resemble its predecessor stylistically while reflecting modern trends.

“Mean Girls” arrives too early for its time

Jami Lim January 18, 2024

Released in theaters on Friday, Jan. 12, “Mean Girls” reminisces on a nostalgic era of glitzy teen rom-coms two decades after the release of its 2004 cult-classic progenitor, “Mean Girls.” With...

Graphics by Stella Petzova

Immersed in India

As a student body filled with an array of Indian backgrounds, Indian-influenced arts and culture can be found in many corners of our community.  From incorporating traditional Indian clothing into daily...

Biology and Health teacher Pooya Hajjarian with his father in Cupertino during the year 1993. Hajjarian was in his freshman year of MVHS, donning a Matadors hoodie. Photo courtesy of Pooya Hajjarian | Used with permission.

The road back home

Jami Lim December 1, 2023

Pooya Hajjarian: Class of 1997 Biology and Health teacher Pooya Hajjarian was in the seventh grade when he and his family immigrated from Iran to America. Hajjarian’s family settled in Cupertino and...

Junior Siyona Kathuria and her friends pose for a photo dressed in traditional Indian clothing for her 16th birthday party. Photo by Preeti Kathuria | Used with permission.

Sari, not sorry

Leah Desai and Jami Lim November 30, 2023

Taking one last glance in the mirror, junior Siyona Kathuria was pleased with her outfit — the deep teal of the embroidered skirt paired with the familiar feeling of the delicate cloth draped over her...

American pop singer Nessa Barrett takes a moment to peer into the crowd during her Church Club For the Lonely tour.

Nessa Barrett’s Church Club For the Lonely Tour falls short of expectations

Jami Lim and Aashi Venkat November 16, 2023

American pop singer Nessa Barrett took the stage for her “Church Club For the Lonely Tour” at the San Jose Civic Center on Monday, Nov. 13, performing a variety of tracks from her discography. The...

Digital book formats have been made prevalent by the digital age.

Rewiring reading

Jami Lim and Lillian Wang November 1, 2023

Growing up during the advent of the digital age in the 90s, English teacher Jessica Kaufman considers herself to have had an upbringing sheltered from internet usage. While people shifted away from physical...

English teachers Vennessa Nava and Hannah Gould discuss film analysis through critical lenses on their podcast, That Was Weird. Photo courtesy of Giljoon Lee | Used with permission.

On the mic

Jami Lim October 29, 2023

As the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, sophomore Ryan Li eagerly leaves his seventh period class and makes the trip down to the MVHS string room to meet his friend and creative partner...

Press play

Press play

Jami Lim and Amberly Sun October 9, 2023

Marking the beginning of Homecoming weekend, MVHS's festive Homecoming football game gathers spectators from all over the community each year for a night of familiar homecoming traditions. The 2023 Homecoming...

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