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Reflecting on Zoomcoming

Reflecting on Zoomcoming

Amber Milesi, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

Unlike the usual week-long Homecoming experience that culminates in a Friday rally, football game and Saturday dance, this year's Zoomcoming went remote and included various social media challenges, online...

Thumbnail of the Zoomcoming livestream

Zoomcoming 2021

Claire Wen March 23, 2021
Leadership prepares for a virtual Homecoming week
Senior Anna Kolesov smiles at the crowd in the bleachers while linking arms with her former calculus teacher, Martin Jennings.

Introducing the Class of 2020’s Homecoming Court

Jai Uparkar October 24, 2019
Witnessing the reactions and emotions of nominated seniors at the 2019-20 Homecoming Court ceremony
The Class of 2020 performs one of their dances for their skit.

Homecoming 2019: Behind the scenes

A backstage exploration into the preparations of each class
“I thought this Homecoming Rally was better [than the Welcome Back Rally],” freshman Arushi Shah said. “There were more activities, they were more fun, and then it was decorated better. I just thought it was a really nice experience to be a part of.”

Homecoming Rally 2019

Lakshanyaa Ganesh and Oishee Misra October 13, 2019
Despite scheduling changes the Homecoming Rally successfully kicks off Homecoming Week
Care to Dance?

Care to Dance?

Stuti Upadhyay March 13, 2019

Red, green and blue lights pulse off the walls. Crowds of students jump and thrash their arms in the air, yelling lyrics to the newest Post Malone song. The air is sticky and stifling from bodies packed...

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

2-0-2-0 po-ta-to

Claire Wen and Jasmine Lee October 18, 2018

The shock on senior class members’ faces. The collective cheer from the junior class derived from the surprise twist. The excitement of watching skits being put together with hours of labor is replaced...

Homecoming game liveblog: Football vs Los Altos HS

Homecoming game liveblog: Football vs Los Altos HS

Roshan Fernandez October 12, 2018

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A look at Leadership’s Homecoming Preparation

A look at Leadership’s Homecoming Preparation

Tabitha Mendez September 28, 2018

With Homecoming approaching soon, less than two weeks away, the leadership class of 2018-2019 is working to make sure this year’s Homecoming week, dance, game and rally runs well. With each day of...

Behind the scenes: Homecoming

Behind the scenes: Homecoming

Chetana Ramaiyer October 20, 2017

The Skits: Every weekend over the summer. That’s how long class officers spent brainstorming ideas, making props and writing the script for the Homecoming skits — and how long dance coaches like...

Homecoming hangover: 1; Students: 0 
Graphic by Carol Lei

Homecoming hangover

Carol Lei October 20, 2017

Stressing from piles of homework? Feeling tired and out of energy? Waiting anxiously for the next school event? I’m no doctor, but here’s my diagnosis: it’s a Homecoming hangover. Homecoming...

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