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The yearly haunt: Juniors hold annual haunted house every Halloween

On Halloween night, the 7 boysi smile for a picture after putting in hours of hard work on this project. Photo by Sreya Kumar

Sreya Kumar

November 7, 2017

n the corner of Strafford and Sunderland drive, a house stood in the dark. A sign saying “Haunted House” hung under a dim light beside the garage door. Seven junior students dashed to and from the garage and the house, trying to make sure everything was in place. At 8 p.m. sharp, junior Chetan Mokkap...

Drama department hosts successful haunted house based on asylum

An asylum patient stands in her boarded-up stall, next to a wall covered in “bloody” writing. The Drama students practiced to immerse themselves in their insane characters’ roles. Photo by Rhonda Mak.

Rhonda Mak

November 5, 2014

crowd of students waits outside the Blackbox, chatting excitedly amongst themselves. A piercing scream sounds from inside the building, and they exchange nervous glances. After a while, the garage-like door on the side lifts and pours out a stream of other students who blink at the bright sunlight. The...

House Haunting

House Haunting

Shreya Shankar

November 9, 2008

This year's haunted house involved a murder, a fog machine, and a whole lot of terror. Read More »...