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Team Dasari

Team Dasari

Anushka De September 23, 2021
Examining the impact that volleyball has had on the Dasari family
Teammates by Chance

Teammates by Chance

Exploring the impacts of playing the same sport as a family member

The man in 23

Senior. Captain. Recruit. Those three words describe Gautham Dasari’s volleyball career. Starting in sixth grade, Gaudi, what his friends and coaches lovingly call him, has been climbing to the top...

Seniors Nikhil Bapat (right) and Gautham Dasari (left) embrace after winning CCS for the first time in program history. The victory over Bellarmine CP came after three consecutive CCS losses to BCP, most recently when BCP beat MVHS in the 2018 final. Photo by Roshan Fernandez.

Back to back: How boys volleyball overcame immense expectations

Roshan Fernandez and Kamyar Moradi May 22, 2019

elief — that’s what Coach Paul Chiu felt last year when the boys volleyball team took home its first major championship. He says it was delightful to watch everyone celebrate the NorCal Championship...

Junior Charlie Yi prepares to spike the ball against CHS. The Matadors won their 22nd game in a row.

Boys volleyball: MVHS defeats Cupertino HS 3-0

Kamyar Moradi and Stuti Upadhyay April 25, 2019

It was Friday before break as the MVHS boys volleyball team faced off against CHS. Parents and fellow students lined the bleachers as the confident Matadors team prepared to face their division rival,...

Boys Volleyball: Matadors triumph in 3-0 victory against Homestead HS

Boys Volleyball: Matadors triumph in 3-0 victory against Homestead HS

Charlotte Chui, Sreya Kumar, and Rucha Soman April 11, 2019

n the first game of the season, the Matadors played against Homestead HS, and though they came away with a win, MVHS ended the game with a score of 3-1, giving up one set to HHS. The Matadors met HHS on...

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