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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Senior Rokiya Elhak changes her name to Amanda when ordering at coffee shops

Playing the name game

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh June 4, 2023
Examining how names and pronunciation play a role in the classroom
The visa voyage

The visa voyage

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh April 26, 2023
MVHS community members share experiences with U.S immigration policy
Media has evolved throughout time, changing in ways such as  its purpose or interface


Examining how arts and entertainment have changed through the years

EE Tries Sports: Football

El Estoque competes against the MVHS Varsity Football team in Flag Football
Is it even art?

Is it even art?

Kripa Mayureshwar and Darpan Singh February 8, 2023
Examining how community members define art in the modern world
Senior Jaebeum Cho used to go by J. Cho to prevent mispronunciations, however after gaining appreciation for his name in recent years he has started going by Jaebeum.

Actually it’s pronounced…

Chiran Arumugam and Darpan Singh December 27, 2022
Examining the struggles behind ethnic names in America
Senior Aneesha Sinha places a star on the Christmas Tree, a tradition common amongst many families in America.

Has Santa stolen Christmas from Baby Jesus?

Darpan Singh and Vincent Zhao December 20, 2022
Exploring the religious significance of Christmas to students at MVHS
61,404,621 minutes

61,404,621 minutes

Jami Lim and Darpan Singh December 17, 2022
Exploring the listening habits of the MVHS community
Rapper Ye has recently come under fire for a series of controversial tweets and statements.

To Ye or not to Ye

Sameer Maheshwari, Gauri Manoj, and Darpan Singh December 16, 2022
Examining Ye’s anti-semitism and what it means to be a fan
Senior Color Guard Member Katherine Chui takes her final stance at the end of the closer.

Marching Band and Color Guard shine at Tournament of Champions

Darpan Singh and Vincent Zhao November 24, 2022

Flags spinning, trumpets blaring and percussion laying down the beat, MVHS Marching Band performed its last ever performance of True North, the first show made custom for the band. Senior and soloist...

When I grow up

When I grow up

Melody Cui and Darpan Singh November 16, 2022
Exploring how young children explore their interests
Sophomores Kiana Mark (left) and Samantha Tong (right) block a spike from AHS. Photo by Darpan Singh

Girls Volleyball loses 3-2 in the CCS Finals game

Darpan Singh and Vincent Zhao November 6, 2022
Matadors place second in CCS Division II Championships for the second year in a row
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