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Former judge in Brock Turner case getting hired as LHS JV tennis coach causes national stir

Former judge in Brock Turner case getting hired as LHS JV tennis coach causes national stir

Hannah Lee, Shuvi Jha, and Stuti Upadhyay

October 15, 2019

Community members reflect on former judge Aaron Persky's hire and consequent firing

Skipping into Retirement

Skipping into Retirement

Jai Uparkar

May 22, 2019

here were two things math teacher Skip Mueller never wanted to become: a salesman or a teacher. He ended up working in sales engineering for 17 years after graduating from college with a civil engineering degree, which was dependent on the local economy. Soon after semiconductor companies moved away, Muel...

Girls Water Polo: The defeat against Santa Clara HS 15-17

Girls Water Polo: The defeat against Santa Clara HS 15-17

Rana Aghababazadeh and Tabitha Mendez

October 17, 2018

VHS girls water polo head coach Chris Love gathered the girls before the game for their usual team talk, followed by a chant led by one of the captains before the start of the game. Only few minutes into the game, a series of shouting and complaints arose from both coaches, as well as the SCHS crowd....

Developing success

Developing success

Karen Ma

December 12, 2017

t’s the first game of the 2017-18 varsity boys soccer season. As players take the field, ready to put their practice to play, new varsity coach Todd Kimble observes from the sidelines. This year, however, fans and the players on the bench aren’t the only ones watching. Six juniors and seniors ...

Back at it

Varsity baseball coach JC Beeson poses for a goofy picture with his former MVHS baseball team.

Akshara Majjiga

March 8, 2017

en years ago, when JV baseball coach Shawn Voigt graduated from MVHS with the class of 2007, things were different. Without the internet, Voigt found it difficult to develop his skills and opinions with limited access to contrasting perspectives. But, 2015 JV water polo and swim coach Jennifer Liu, who...

Stepping into the MVHS weight room

Stepping into the MVHS weight room

Ruth Feng

September 21, 2016

By now, the MVHS weight room has more dirt and grime than weights. Gray bars have turned brown and stained, and clean glass mirrors now show their age with cracks and smudges that have become permanent over time. The barbells have been here longer than most students, and this year they have a new owner....

On the Right Track: Custodian Tom Orsua becomes track coach

Photo used with permission of Thomas Orsua

Hannan Waliullah

April 27, 2016

It’s 3:15p.m. Custodian Thomas Orsua turns in his radio, rides his white cart to the cafeteria, throws away the trash he collected during the day and signs out. Heís done with his shift for the day. But instead of climbing into his car and heading home, Orsua shifts gears and heads to the locker ...

New season, new coach, new ambition

Para-educator and substitute guidance counselo, Clay Stiver, hopes to bring positivity and victory to the Junior Varsity boys basketball team.

Morahd Shawki

October 19, 2011

It has been almost three years since Clay Stiver joined the Special Education staff, and this month will see him become the coach of varsity boys’ basketball. Although now filling in for guidance counselor Shari Schussel, who is on maternity leave, Stiver started out as a para-educator and will assume his old position next semes...

Give big or go home

Give big or go home

Jacob Lui

October 12, 2011

Australia, NCAA Championships, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Canada – the new varsity boys water polo coach Edwin Samuels has had a prolific career. The list of his accomplishments seems to make students wonder: why our school? From the local Mountain View High School, Samuels climbed to the top and was consider...