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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

An open door

An open door

Mihir Vishwarupe and April Wang January 25, 2024

Guidance counselor Clay Stiver, who works with students whose last names begin with Sh-Z, announced he would be taking paternity leave from Jan. 8 through April 8. During this time, long-term substitute...

Beating the finals stress

Ananda Singh and April Wang December 4, 2023

According to numerous MVHS students, Winter can be a busy time, with finals, college applications and holiday celebrations cropping up. To combat stress, several teachers implement self-care and wellness...

Local politics are just as important in the lives of MVHS students as federal news, if not more.

National concern, local impact

Anika Bhandarkar and April Wang September 30, 2023

Often, world issues take center stage in our lives — we tend to follow national and global politics closely, focusing on the big, scary or exciting events from far away while overlooking the way national...

FUHSD is currently working to combat the misuse of AI tools in the classroom.

Changing Education with ChatGPT

Exploring changes in AI regulations in education for the 2023-24 school year
I was formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety nearing a year ago, and sharing about it in any form felt like I was viscerally tearing myself open.

Spill Your Guts

April Wang, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Honestly, I’m okay with being vulnerable about my depression and anxiety. I know there’s a stigma against people with mental illnesses, but personally, it was never that I was afraid of...

Artivism on social media

Lily Jiang and April Wang February 3, 2023
Discussing the unique impacts of combining art, activism, and the widespread use of social media
My first teaching experiences all began with speech. Illustration | April Wang

Lessons on teaching

April Wang, Copy Editor November 27, 2022

Honestly, I think I’m a good teacher. That wasn’t really something I ever thought I’d say. It still isn’t. Looking at all my favorite teachers, they’ve always been patient. Professional....

White supremacy is pitting minorities against each other

White supremacy is pitting minorities against each other

April Wang, Copy Editor November 13, 2022

Let me just put out there that I approve of affirmative action. I think it is necessary, and I think it should not be torn down. Personal opinions aside, the issue of affirmative action gets tiring...

Dismantling the ‘girlboss’ in the mirror

April Wang, Copy Editor October 7, 2022

I remember the first time I watched “Mulan,” I was enamored with Mulan’s countless shows of strength and skill. I saw her as the epitome of a strong Chinese woman, and thought to myself that she...

Homemade Hipster: Grass Jelly Bowl

Homemade Hipster: Grass Jelly Bowl

April Wang, Copy Editor September 7, 2022

Ingredients Raw taro Rock sugar Boba (anywhere between ¼ to 1 cup, doesn’t really matter) ¼ cup brown sugar Red bean paste/cooked red bean Unsweetened coconut milk Grass...

Inflation rates have gone up in the U.S. due to the pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine | Graphic by April Wang

Inflation impacts students and staff

Minjae Kang, Alex Zhang, April Wang, and Manas Kottakota August 12, 2022
Looking into how rising prices challenge the FUHSD community
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