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The dichotomy of social media activism

The dichotomy of social media activism

Oishee Misra and Sophia Ma

September 24, 2020

Comparing active versus passive forms of activism on social media platforms

A protest of a lifetime: searching for freedom

A picture of the Gao family is cased in a broken frame. The Gao family was once together until Peter Gao, Geng He and Grace Gao moved to America in 2009. Used with permission

Ishaani Dayal and Rachel Jiang

June 8, 2020

irst arrested in 2006, lawyer and human rights activist Gao Zhisheng was released in 2014 after withstanding severe mistreatment and torture in solitary confinement at an underground facility in China, while his wife, son and daughter escaped to California. But two years later, he disappeared, leaving his...

Lehigh Cement Company’s pollution issue

Sophomore Rachel Chen, part of the group that researched the Lehigh Cement Company emission issues, presents  more information about the plant's pollution.

Jefferson Le and Tina Low

November 24, 2019

MVHS students spoke against Lehigh Cement Company’s harmful emissions to nearby residents at a Youth In Action (YIA) Conference

Rain or shine: 2019 Women’s March

Rain or shine: 2019 Women's March

Ruth Feng and Gauri Kaushik

January 28, 2019

San Jose hosts the third annual Women’s March

Reinforcing feminism in MVHS

GEP members all stand on the right side of the classroom to signify that they believe that feminism is important at MVHS. Photo by Swara Tewari.

Swara Tewari and Rucha Soman

November 6, 2018

Girls’ Empowerment Project discusses gender equality at first meeting

In Nature

In Nature

El Estoque Features

October 20, 2018

A fight for nature

Charlotte Chui

October 19, 2018

LIFESTYLE hen junior Trudie Ngo first stumbled upon environmental activist and entrepreneur Lauren Singer’s videos in early 2018, her reaction was one of disbelief. Through her blog and YouTube channel “Trash is for Tossers,” Singer — who Ngo now calls “the guru of zero waste living” — advocates for environmental...

Fight or flight: Being politically active and community-involved every day

Fight or flight: Being politically active and community-involved every day

Shriya Deshpande

March 10, 2017

lobal women’s rights marches, “A Day Without Immigrants” protests and Berkeley’s conflict with Milo Yiannopoulos: these are all events within the U.S. that have triggered national responses unlike many other causes, with thousands of people protesting against rights violations. But once a pr...