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Fifty Not-So-Fresh Faces

Seniors interviewed for Fifty Fresh Faces in their freshman year follow up on old questions

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Fifty Not-So-Fresh Faces

The graduating class of 2019 is well on its way to donning graduation gowns, receiving diplomas and entering a future beyond MVHS. These students entered high school as curious freshmen, both excited and apprehensive for what lay in store.

Their first year of high school was the beginning of a set of stressful, yet meaningful four years. Though many have changed since their freshman year, every one of these seniors documented their initial outlook on high school through a series of questions titled “Fifty Fresh Faces.”

Four years later, we decided to revisit these seniors, asking them nearly the exact same questions from the start of their high school career. Read below to see how these once-fifty fresh faces became the fifty not-so-fresh ones.


About the Writers
Rana Aghababazadeh, Co-editor-in-chief
Rana is a third-year member of El Estoque and is currently a co-editor-in-chief. She is a former sports editor and enjoys covering basketball and volleyball. In her free time, she enjoys playing movie scores on the piano and watching Billboard's Top 50 hip-hop and R&B Songs of the Week.
Claire Chang, Features Editor
Claire Chang is a senior at Monta Vista and is the print features editor for El Estoque. Before she was a features editor, she was both a multimedia and print news editor. She runs for the school's cross country and track teams and enjoys reading and hanging out with friends and family in her free time.
Sunjin Chang, News Editor
Sunjin Chang is currently a senior, news and public relations editor. Previously she was a visuals editor. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, playing the piano and taking a nap.
Helen Chao, Managing Editor
Helen Chao is currently a senior who likes an afternoon snack of hot coffee and cookies. She is currently one of three managing editors and was formerly a Features section editor.
Tyler Cho, Staff Writer
Tyler is currently a sophomore and first year El Estoque staff member. In his free time, he enjoys playing club and school volleyball, reading thrillers, listening to Korean R&B, and sleeping when he can.
Ruth Feng, Managing Editor
Ruth Feng is a managing editor of El Estoque. Aside from journalism, she likes to watch reruns of The Office and West Wing.
Claire Wen, Copy Editor
Claire Wen is a sophomore at Monta Vista and a first-year writer for El Estoque. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching random videos on YouTube and playing with her cat.
Chelsea Wong, Beats editor
Chelsea Wong is a currently a senior and a beats editor for El Estoque. She is a movie buff and would discuss about anything and anybody that is nominated for any year of the Oscars.
Brian Xu, Opinion Editor
Brian Xu is a sophomore and a first-year member of El Estoque. When he gets free time, he spends it tackling a Rubik's cube, improving his programming skills, or falling into the void we know as Youtube.
Julia Yang, Features writer
Julia Yang is currently a senior and a features writer on staff and has previously written for entertainment, sports and news. She enjoys dancing, listening to music, eating good food, and spending quality time with family and friends.