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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The class of 2022

The class of 2022

Click here to read about the class of 2022's reflections about their favorite classes, their favorite teachers, their biggest fears, and the most important lesson they learned at MVHS, as well as senior...

Asiya Shaikh (right) takes a picture with her older sister Huda Shaikh (left) on Eid. After completing the prayers, Shaikh and her sister participated in fun activities and ate from tables of food.

Celebrating Ramadan

Taryn Lam and Shivani Madhan May 1, 2022
Highlighting the experiences of Muslim students at MVHS
Sonya Povalchuk and Pavel Demchenko share how they evacuated Ukraine.

Displaced by war

Krish Dev and Taryn Lam April 24, 2022

Sonya Povalchuk For sophomore Sonya Povalchuk, the morning of Feb. 25 started with two loud explosions. Although she felt like the explosions had taken place in her own backyard, she later learned that...

Senior Geeta Karlcut waves the pride flag on Nov. 11, National Coming Out Day.

LGBTQ rights

Taryn Lam April 23, 2022
Students share their thoughts about relevant LGBTQ issues
Freshmen Anuvaa Joshi and Jooha Kim pose for a photo.

What friends are for

Mira Wagner and Taryn Lam April 23, 2022
Best friends explore the growth of their friendship
Out of touch

Out of touch

Taryn Lam, Staff Writer March 18, 2022
Students share their experiences with straying away from their native language
Rex Orange Countys fourth studio album is an unremarkable addition to his list of achievements.

‘WHO CARES?’ is a diaristic jumble of pent-up thoughts

Taryn Lam, Staff Writer March 17, 2022
Rex Orange County takes a step back from his usual bright, pop-infused music and instead attempts calming beats and relaxed lyrics
Man on the street: What’s the last lie you told?

Man on the street: What’s the last lie you told?

Taryn Lam and Geethikaa Tarra March 16, 2022
MVHS students explain the reasoning behind their dishonesty
Junior Arya Srivastava thrusts her sword during a match (Photo courtesy of Arya Srivastava | Used with permission)

En garde

Taryn Lam, Staff Writer February 13, 2022
Examining two different fencers’ experience with the sport
Junior Mulyn Kim holds up her six-word memoir.

Six-word memoirs: hopes and reflections

Taryn Lam and Tvisha Gupta February 8, 2022
Students write six-word memoirs that discuss their reflections on the past year and explain their hopes for the upcoming year
The Weeknds nostalgic album displays his creative evolution through a well-thought out track list and flowing lyrics.

‘Dawn FM’ flawlessly captures a new era of redemption and realization

Taryn Lam, Staff Writer January 14, 2022
The Weeknd pushes the boundaries by releasing one of the most well-polished albums of 2022
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